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About Island Finance


The word ‘synergy’ has its origin from the Greek word ‘synergia’ which means working together. It is thought to have been used since around the middle 19th century. In its general context it means the creation of a whole that is greater than its parts.

Although the word has evolved and it has many applications, it is arguable that it is most commonly used in business corporations to represent the productive outcome of individuals working together in a team.

At Island Finance Trinidad & Tobago, we believe our success comes from the achievement of a high level of synergy among our various stakeholders. Our management and our staff work together with a common vision that focuses on providing a product to our customers that meets practical every day needs. We see our customers as a part of our team, so we work together with them to deliver something that they value; a product and a service that cannot be easily duplicated.

We draw on our international associates and feedback from customers, to ensure that we deliver a lending experience that not only provides funds for their use, but creates an experience that makes them feel part of our team.

We believe that success is not an accident or good fortune. It is the result hard work and wisdom to harness several parts to create something of value to others. And that’s what we do. Every day. 



Our mission is to simplify the process of borrowing, for a wide range of consumer purposes, by taking the hassel out of getting a loan. Our unique business model for unsecured loans is captured in our tagline, “No Downpayment, No Collateral, No Problem”.