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About Almawi Limited The Holistic Clinic

ALMAWI Limited rebranded as ALMAWI Limited Back & Footcare Clinic in 2008 and then to ALMAWI Limited ... The Holistic Clinic in 2011, was established in December 2004. The company was born out of the personal suffering of its founder, Alma Thompson, who over a number of years had severe back and foot problems. Apart from the sale of Orthotics (Arch Supports) - its main product, other foot care products were retailed, which catered to a number of foot ailments.

With the upgrade to a Clinic, a number of new services evolved. The staff is trained in their respective areas of operation, which includes a UK trained Podiatrist. Gift Certificates are also available for products and services on an ongoing basis, and for special promotions.

Persons with diabetes and seniors are specially catered for, due to their particular sensitivities.



Our Mission is to become a household name in Trinidad and Tobago by providing quality, holistic healing solutions. We further aim to educate and empower our clients/patients through our knowledge-based service approach.