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About Home Mortgage Bank

Home Mortgage Bank was established in 1986. The original shareholders of the Bank were the Commercial Banks, Insurance Companies, Central Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Today we are proud to be over 99% owned by The National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago. Our business is focused on two areas: Mortgage Loans for the Residential Market and Asset-Backed Investment Securities.

The Bank has an asset base of over $2.29 Billion and profits after taxes of $75.6 Million. In addition, we manage over $500 Million in funds under our investment programme – Mortgage Participation Fund (MPF).

With a professional, qualified and dedicated team, the Bank continues to be a competitive player within the mortgage and investment market. We offer the best rates, quick approvals and no administrative fees we take the hassle out of your mortgage application.

The Bank’s MPF mutual fund was launched in December, 2001. It offers an attractive short term investment option. It’s a registered mutual fund, structured like a money market account and backed by a portfolio of mortgages guaranteed by the Bank and is 100% secured.