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About Titan Logistics and Support Services Ltd.


Titan Logistics and Support Services Ltd. is a one hundred percent locally incorporated and operated company designed to meet the growing energy demand for total agency services.

Titan’s principal activity is the provision of Logistic Services to the international customer. The Company also offers a complete range of general oilfield contracting services to meet individual operational needs on an international and competitive basis.

Titan is managed and staffed by skilled and experienced personnel to ensure a superior level of customer service. And with our technologically advanced electronic and computerized systems, we’re able to provide services in full accordance with the requirements of today’s modern business environment.

The management and staff of the Company seek perfection at every step and our main goal is to satisfy the customer. We place a high degree of emphasis on reliability, dependability and efficiency to execute projects within a specified timeline and budget.



• Work Permits 
Prepare, submit and handle all relevant documents and processes to obtain timely work permits for expatriates involved in the Trinidadian operations.

• Immigration Services 
Handle multiple entry visas; visa waivers; extensions; medicals and student visas for expatriates involved in local operations.

• “Meet, Greet and Assist” 
Render these services at all international ports of entry into Trinidad, namely:Piarco International Airport, Labidco Port Services, Chaguaramas Terminals and the Port of Point Lisas.

• Hotel Accommodations 
The Management of the Company has over the years developed an excellent relationship with all major hotels in the country and will be able to continue arranging special corporate and group rates.

• Helicopter Services 
There are two major helicopter companies in the country – National Helicopter Services Limited and Bristow Caribbean Limited. These services can be arranged for crew changes and emergency medical evacuation plans.

• Customs Clearance 
This is one of the major services to be afforded at any one of the aforementioned ports of entry. The team includes two of the most reputable customs brokers who have worked with the Management over the last ten years. These customs brokers will continue to meet all customers’ needs i.e. timely clearance of rigs, vessels, shipment of materials.

• Shipping Vessels Agency

* Import vessels;
* Apply for Droghers;
* Apply for Certificate to Navigate Coastwise;
* Apply for Helideck Inspection (where applicable);
* Setup Port Health Inspection;
* Enter and Clear Droghers at the designated port within Trinidad;
* Export vessels.

Prior to the arrival of a vessel, the Management Team will send the customer a listing of the various certificates and documents that are required for the timely clearance of the vessel.

Other services include, inter alia:

* Transport personnel and equipment;
* Procure fuel and lubes, local materials inclusive of ship chandlery;
* Secure Housing Rentals, Office Accommodation and storage facilities;
* Provide Manpower Services – Riggers, Caterers, Divers, Dive Tenders etc.;
* Welding, Fabricating and Machine Shop;
* Charter local supply/crew vessels.