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About Heller Security Services 1996 Limited

Heller Security Services 1996 Limited has a reputation with our customers for exceeding expectations. The pride and dedication of all our staff is spread through all our services. Whatever your industry, you can benefit from Heller Security Services 1996 Limited’s extensive capabilities in the provision of Security Services in Trinidad and Tobago.

We are registered and approved by the Ministry of National Security as a protective service agency.

As a result of the company's flexibility and its ability adjust to the various needs of its customers, Heller Security has, over the years, built up an enviable reputation for attention to detail and quality of service. Heller Ltd was formed in 1996 by a former Assistant Commissioner of Police. Since its formation, Heller has continued to expand its security services in Trinidad and Tobago, to accommodate the varying needs of its clients from guarding to secure cash collections to Patrol Response. Since its inception, Heller has prided itself on its ability to provide "across the board" security services. Indeed, with its attention to detail, it is providing a much needed security service to the retail and commercial sector.