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About Engineering Associates Limited

The mission of Engineering Associates Ltd, since its formation in 1992, is to supply a full range of packaging equipment with a comprehensive back up service. Our goal is to provide great value to our global customer base and increase the profitability of all stake holders.
Packaging solutions at Engineering Services include filling machines, cappers, labelers, bottle rinsers, bottle orientators and turntables -these systems handle any liquid or gel - molten included. Vertical form fill and seal machines, shrink wrappers, vacuum sealers, conveyor systems and their spare parts are also available.
When it comes to traceability the Markem-Imaje range of printers has reigned supreme. Markem-Imaje is the leader, constantly in the forefront of small and large character inkjet printers, contact coders, Thermal Transfer printers, label printers and laser printers.
Since 2005 we have been the exclusive distributor in the region for OMRON sensors and systems. More recently, the Datamax range of label and labeling solutions has been added to the table of Engineering Associates distributorships, others include Nordson - especially noted in the region for their hot melt glue systems, Solus - conveyors and their components, CVC (Labelers & Filling Equipment), Brother (Tape Sealers), SBW (Shrink Sealers & Tunnels) and PET blow molding technology.
Our present range of machinery and support service allows Engineering Associates to trully be a one stop shop - fielding an unstoppable team for all packaging, labeling, coding, identification and traceability needs.
Engineering Associates Ltd. – Experience Total Packaging Solutions’.



As Trinidad and Tobago continues to emerge as the industrial centre of the region, it is increasingly evident that business leaders and investors look to that country's centres of competency for growth ideas and solutions. EAL is one such centre of competency. 

Our vision is to develop an Industrial Engineering capability suitable to the staged growth and evolution of micro, small and medium sized industrial companies in Trinidad, the wider Caricom and eventually the AC S/Latin American region. This has led to very successful development of entry level and expandable process and line products designed to optimise customer growth over the chronological spectrum. 

Leveraging Trinidad and Tobago's growing reputation and that of Engineering Associates, we are visioning a future of growth and increased value for all our partners and stakeholders. The next step in the unfolding of EAL's destiny is the deepening of capability along the value chain and the broadening of the available skill pool to meet the expected increase in demand for our partners' products and services. 

The Region's visionaries, business leaders and investors look to organisations in Trinidad and Tobago for expertise and guidance in the development of business ideas and growth. At Engineering Associates we are very aware of the thirst in the region for solutions to industrial challenges and opportunities at the level of the firm and company.

The reputation that we have constantly nurtured is one of trusted consultancy and thoughtful consideration of the Customers needs and potential. Our goal is to form long-term partnerships that enable our clients to maximize the benefits of working with us. Quite simply, we exist to improve the lives of people who use our products and services.



As a service and solution provider, we understand that our relationships with our clients are about more than competent technical solutions. With this in mind, we deliver superior service, keep communication channels open and maintain an aggressive time schedule. 

EAL's commitment to excellence demands that we invest in cutting-edge equipment to provide our customers with the most efficient solutions and the best technology available. Our core team has a wealth of experience in negotiating this technology and they continue to develop leading solutions to continually improve our clients’ lives. 

Engineering Associates Limited offers: 
24-Hour response time for any Caricom customer 
Design and Consultancy on engineering systems, processes, machinery and equipment 
Manufacture, Augmentation, Upgrades, Refurbishing and Repair/Maintenance of a wide range of systems for industry
Predictive and Preventive maintenance and downtime management Machine Shop Services

In a continuing commitment to excellence based on a highly customised and sensitive approach, Engineering Associates Limited has commenced review and the implementation of an IS0 9000 quality management system. 

The consciously articulated quality policy of Engineering Associates reads: "Engineering Associates Limited is a global company that provides significant advantages for our customers in every product and service we deliver. We hold timeliness, sensitivity, reliability, cost effectiveness and professionalism in our relationship with our customers, as key features of our everyday commitment"

The range of products and services delivered included Cooling Systems, Auger Fillers, Gravity/pressure Fillers, High Viscosity Piston Fillers, Volumetric Fillers, Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machines, Conveyors, Multi Head Fillers, Capping Machines, Band Sealers, Plant Management, Process reengineering, Refurbishing, Augmentation and Repair and Maintenance.
There are cases where the most cost effective solution requires the marrying of old and mew technologies. You can depend on our ability to do this and to extend your manufacturing capabilities for the fraction of the price.
Factory Maintenance and Repairs: 
Even when the process equipment was not supplied by EAL, we are fully capable of maintaining all types of process equipment. Thus feel free to contact us whether you are considering routine maintenance or extensive repairs.
Plant Installation:
Don't think we are only capable of supplying stand alone solutions. We excel at delivering entire manufacturing plants for any product. There in no limit to the size of the solution we can provide: from table top cottage industries solution to huge multi-product solutions.
After Sales Services on All Machines Sold:
Our fully manufacturer trained team are expertly capable of any form services on any machines sold. We understand that down tome translates into production losses. Thus our team is available to you at any time.
Design of Engineering Solution:
No two production lines are identical. So with this in mind our team is committed to design a solution for your conditions while being cost effective.
Manufacture & Modification of Equipment:
In some situations when there is no pre-manufactured solution for your needs we will modify or even manufacture a piece of equipment to meet your needs.


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