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About Eastman & Associates Limited

Eastman & Associates Limited was established in 1983 as an agency to foster career development among the people of Trinidad and Tobago. One facet of this mission is the recruitment of personnel on both a temporary and permanent basis for local and foreign firms. Our company has performed quite creditably in this area as we have provided staff for both large and small firms over the years, such firms including but not limited to the following: In addition, over the years we have coordinated conferences and seminars held by various organizations, both local and foreign, among them being the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), the Criminal Justice Department of the University of Atlanta, the Trinidad and Tobago/Venezuela Chamber for Trade and Co-operation, Tele-Direct and Flavourite Limited. In addition, we have just concluded the design and installation of a Performance Management System for The Agricultural Development Bank. In the area of Outplacement Services we have conducted, very successfully, programmes for BWIA, Caroni 1975 Ltd and National Broadcasting Network (NBN). .

We offer services in the fields of:

1. Accounting
2. Banking and Finance 
3. Engineering (Construction, Oil & Gas) 
4. Transportation & Delivery, 
5. Marketing & Public Relations 
6. Computing Information Technology Management 
7. Telemarketing 
8. Customer Service 
9. Administrative Personnel 
10. Hospitality

We are supported by a team of experts in each of these fields.

A list of our consulting professionals as well as a summary or detailed dossiers on each can be made available upon request.

Our Customer base has expanded to well over 500 clients including some of the major local and foreign firms. Our database is comprised of over 9,000 persons who are qualified professionals and who have all been interviewed by our competent staff.

It is against this background that we know that Eastman & Associates can and will play a more than useful role in the conduct of your business operations. 


"We will achieve this (our Vision) through the customizing our extensive relationships, the use of new and innovative processes, developing a dedicated, committed and multi-talented team of experts, thereby leveraging our resources, our increasing range of service offerings and our proven track record in the creation of a new human resource service environment to the mutual benefit of our clients, the wider business and national community and ourselves"