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About The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce


The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce celebrated its 136th year of distinguished service to the business community in March, 2014. Since 14 March 1879, we have generated opportunities for our Members to leverage shared resources and knowledge and establish key contacts in order to create a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.Our mission is “To be the Champion of business in the development of a strong, sustainable national economy.”The Chamber offers an extensive portfolio of services to assist members in developing their businesses, providing networking opportunities through the promotion of trade facilitation/missions and workshops and seminars. We also offer networking, mediation/arbitration services, conference/meeting facilities, electronic newsletters, and our highly acclaimed CONTACT business magazine publication. We also have a voice in the national media through our weekly newspaper columns and on radio through our CONTACT with the Chamber series.We invite readers to visit our website for more information on the Chamber, or find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



In 1936 a Tobago Chamber was formed, which in 1973 amalgamated with the Trinidad Chamber to become the Tobago Division of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Representing the interest of Tobago-based companies, it acts as a lobbyist on their behalf - primarily to the Tobago House of Assembly - on issues affecting business and the community. Its Chairman is a Director of the Chamber and raises Tobago-specific issues at national level. Thus the entire resources of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber are available to the Tobago Division.The Division of over 70 members operates under an annually elected chairperson and management committee, with sub-committees reporting on Business Development and Tourism, Security, Environment, and Inter Island Transport. The membership meets monthly to ensure that the Division stays current and effective.


To be the champion of business towards the development of a strong and sustainable national economy.