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About Skyline Freight and Management Limited

Committed to delivering global quality solutions for the local construction sector
The team at Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd. brings over 50 years of experience in delivering high quality and beautiful solutions for commercial buildings in Trinidad and Tobago. Our founder and managing director, Brian Vital, who has over two decades of service with ABEL, was responsible, in his capacity as manager of the projects department, to lead ABEL’s delivery of solutions for several highly complex and iconic projects - many of which grace the landscape of our capital city - before starting Cemtile Ltd and later Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd.
Over the years, our team at Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd. has successfully partnered with key architects, developers, engineers and contractors to provide technical advice, design services and installation of glass and cladding solutions to accent modern buildings. Drawing on our in-house team’s knowledge and experience and that of our Canadian partners, including IBG Canada, Ferguson Neudorf, Sunwing Structures Incorporated, Contract Glazers and Nupress Inc., our company offers unparalleled professionalism, expertise and a commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality, in line with technical design specifications.  
Working with our clients from the project design stage, allows us to develop a relationship of trust in Skyline’s ability to deliver and to fully meet and exceed the requirements of our discerning customer base. We are fully cognizant of the importance of timely delivery and quality to the viability and success of construction projects. In this regard, we pride ourselves in ensuring that we deliver on time and in accordance with quality and technical standards.
Over the years we have partnered on both large scale and smaller projects in Trinidad and Tobago, including:
- Motor Vehicle Authority Building, Caroni
- Republic Bank, Starlite Shopping Plaza
- Kia Motors, San Fernando
- Porsche Showroom, Lifestyle Motors, Aranguez
- Centre City Mall Carpark, Chaguanas
- WITCO Head Office, Champ Fleurs
- Detour Mall, Frederick Street
- Aranguez Mall, Aranguez
- Caribbean Chemicals Head Office, San Juan
- TTMF Head Office, Albion Court, Port of Spain
Our company also draws on the financial and technical support of the construction companies established by our chairman and principal investor Bjorn Bjerkhamm in Barbados. These companies are primarily involved in high-end residential resorts, commercial buildings and lower income housing solutions in Barbados and the wider Caribbean. These include Jada Construction, Preconco Ltd, Caribbean Homes Ltd, Meridian Caribbean Inc. and Creative Paving Solutions.
Dedicated to satisfaction of our clients and to the durability and lasting beauty of the solutions we deliver, our team looks forward to continued partnerships that demonstrate world-class application of technical design and quality delivery of glazing and cladding systems in Trinidad and Tobago.