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About Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited


Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited is a service company that aims to provide consultancy, training and supply of labour and equipment services to its clients. It is the policy of the company to ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions and that all practicable measures are taken to avoid risk towards employees, contractors, the general public and the environment.


We target the needs for specialise services in each industry by means of partnering with both local and international bodies that encompasses legal requirements, best industry standards and practices.


SPATT Limited is the company that delivers a broad range of products and services to the Energy and Non-Energy Sector: Oil and Gas, Petro-Chemicals, Ports and Marine, Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture & Service Industry.


The name Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited originates from the United Kingdom under the Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) Limited exclusive for training of UK employers and employees at various levels and in various fields. 




Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited is the only licensed authorized agent locally and regionally for the Industry Standard Safety Passport Training from Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) Limited United Kingdom.


We at Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited, have taken a further step beyond Training by diversifying the resource need to include other portfolios as a one stop shop to provide Consultancy, Advice, Personnel, Equipment and Services as a total or individual package to meet the demands of the industry.


Our Approach is to keep it simple:


A. Risk is created when a decision is made

B. Risk is realised when the decision is executed

C. We manage risk



We provide a service that is second to none. Our team members are carefully selected and assessed to ensure they have the required academic knowledge, combined with the necessary practical experience and communication skills to deliver a complete experience about our services.



Our aim:

  1. To provide competent Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Consultancy and Advice
  2. To provide a define range of training services that can be tailored to your organisations HSSE needs and targeted to all levels .(This allows for self-sustainability)
  3. To provide personnel to support your projects
  4. Authorised agent/representative for the following:


Safety Pass Alliance Certified and recognised passport training that allows you access to a passport-controlled work environment

StirlingLloyd Waterproofing Systems & Structural Protection products and solutions

A-Safe Fixed, flexible, polymer-based safety barrier system products and solutions for e.g. roads, warehouses, airports & car parks

SafeRack Loading Platforms, Industrial Safety and Terminal Loading structures products and solutions

Workrite Personal Protective Equipment and Systems 

a+cbiss Gas detection and systems

Vaculex A easier way to lift and move objects 

Spectrum Marking and identifications

DeltaPlus PPE for every environment

RamBoard New level health and safety notice boards

St Clare Engineering Grab-O-Matic drum handling fork lift attachments

Gamber Johnson Computer & laptop mount components made for use in any terrain

Shoes for Crews The only perfect shift is the one that gets you home safe.

First Aid International First Aid International is a leading provider of first aid training solutions and qualifications worldwide. We specialise in train the trainer program.

Atlantic Training Train your workforce with our 100% OSHA/DOT/EPA compliant training products.

  1. To provide personnel, equipment and services following the approval from the design to the commissioning stage of projects and beyond for ongoing operations
  1. To be an independent assurance body to manage the interest of the client, members of the public and the environment by ensuring contractor management (the principal contractor and subcontractors adhere to and meet legal requirements, International Standards and Best Practices)
  2. To provide inter-alia the development and implementation of risk assessments, emergency response plans, HSE policies, procedures and management systems such as those for the environment, OHSAS and Safe to Work (STOW) that are aimed to ensure safe sustainability of all environments.


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