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ACE Recycling Limited was established by Mr. Aldwyn Clarke in 1996 to carry on the business of collecting waste paper for the purpose of recycling. Mr. Clarke previously worked with the Solid Waste Management Company of Trinidad and Tobago (SWMCOL) for five years overseeing their recycling venture, which was new and in its development stage. During this time, Mr. Clarke expanded his knowledge of the recycling industry and established many important networks both locally and internationally which proved to be vital in his future success. He had a greater vision for a recycling initiative in this country, which his then employers were not ready to pursue, so he decided that it was time take up the mantle and pursue this vision. At that time recycling was a foreign concept to the country on a whole and so it took a lot of convincing and in some cases monetary compensation to encourage businesses and others to separate their waste for recycling.

In 1996, Mr. Clarke encouraged Mr. Vernon Walkins to join with him as a partner in this new operation. Mr. Walkins was and still is the owner and Managing Director of Vernon Walkins Transportation a company established in the 1980’s. The combination of the recycling market expertise and an unlimited access to transportation services (key in the movement of raw material) helped to establish the infrastructure required to develop and propel the company. The two directors brought together a wealth of experience in the areas of waste management and collection / transportation services and formed a strong alliance, which continues to this day. ACE Recycling has provided Trinidad with a free collection service for recyclable materials for over 15 years. Established in 1996 in Trinidad, 2003 in Barbados and 2006 in Jamaica. Our organization has saved over 1 million trees in the Amazon forest over the last 10 years. Materials such as paper and cardboard that has reduced our landfill conservation space has been delivered to paper recycling mills all over the world.


We at ACE Recycling Ltd are committed to being the dominant recycling entity in the Caribbean, maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction by producing goods and services of the highest quality with a committed and innovated workforce.


At ACE Recycling Limited, we align our management decisions with our commitment to increase our market share both locally and in the CARICOM Region. We will improve our overall operations to keep pace with the industry while increasing stakeholder value.

Our Barbados Branch – 1-246-423-0510

Aldwyn Clarke - Managing Director

Aldwyn Clarke

Managing Director

Tricia Clarke De Freitas - Director Finance

Tricia Clarke De Freitas

Director Finance

Kevin Clarke - Director Operations

Kevin Clarke

Director Operations