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Our mission at PAYQAL MOBILE WALLET, we want to change how consumers see the concept of online payments, by offering a simple and user-friendly platform they can trust. Our team of incredibly bright-minded individuals has dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure that your mobile payments processing is easier than ever.



We at PAYQAL MOBILE WALLET was established in 2018 by founder Mr. Johnathan Williams and at present we are introducing a new form of payment called loop-pay. What is loop-pay? This is a digital form of our physical money. It stores your physical money in a cloud system that customers can access via our mobile wallet application to obtain the digital equivalent. We also introduced a cyberspace market in loop-pay that allows customers to exchange currency within the mobile wallet application using an advanced algorithm that connects users to their favourite stores and delivers information and updates on transactions made. This reduces the need to have bank accounts and credit cards and also allows the merchant to use data to understand the customer’s desires. Big data will finally forge the last links of the value chain that will help companies drive more operational efficiencies from existing investments. Features of our mobile wallet Application:

  • Pay for goods and services in our selected stores.
  • Smart order ahead and pay within our mobile wallet App.
  • Pay utility bills right within our mobile wallet app.
  • Send money to family and friends around the world with our mobile wallet App
  • Purchase online goods and services with free delivery services.
  • Upload your physical loyalty cards to our digital wallet App.
  • Gain offers and coupons within the wallet App by shopping frequently in our selected lists of stores.
  • Integration of mobile app maps to find our services. i.e. google maps

As such, we are in the process of partnering with established businesses, particularly those who stand out amongst their competitors. Our aim is to advertise and market your product at our online store. We intend to offer a service where the consumer can order products, pay for them through the use of credit cards and either pick up in-store or have the products delivered to them at home. The possibility of cash payment at the point of pick-up or delivery can also be explored. In providing this service to our consumers, the aim is to reduce

  1. Long lines and the waiting periods in these lines
  2. Time is taken to get to and from stores
  3. The hassle of sourcing required products
  4. The need to carry around cash and bank cards

We believe partnering with us on this new venture holds the advantage of your company increasing its market share and its competitive advantage, as well as enhancing the way in which your consumers view your business. As technology evolves and the nature of humans to depend on technology increases, we as providers of goods and services need to ensure that our strategies are able to keep up with these changes in an attempt to ensure customer satisfaction and partnering with PAYQAL will reflect this. In today’s world technology has become a major part of all our daily activities and so to it has revolutionised the payment options afforded to consumers today. At PAYQAL we understand the need to keep abreast of these technological changes, hence the reason we are offering our service to you.

Johnathan (Andrew) Williams CEO

Johnathan (Andrew) Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Crystal Business Manager


Business Manager

Denzyl James Certify Accountant

Denzyl James

Certify Accountant

Esther Tom Financial Manager

Esther Tom

Financial Manager

Vijay Shankar Deputy Manager--Design

Vijay Shankar

Deputy Manager Design

Vinay Chauhan Senior Web Developer

Vinay Chauhan

Senior Web Developer

Rajnish Kumar Android Developer

Rajnish Kumar

Android Developer