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TSG Consulting utilizes values-based approaches to provide its organizations and clients with solutions for holistic development. Supported by an extensive global network of relationships, expertise and resources our core areas of practice are Strategic Information and Communications Technology and Governance, and Institutional Development with an emphasis on Values-Based Leadership Training.

TSG delivers advanced technology-based services to clients in the private and public sector. All services offered by TSG are designed to apply a set of considerations, priorities and motivations that redefine the nature of organizational pursuits, while, at the same time, delivering practical, technology-based solutions to common organizational challenges.


Each TSG engagement is approached as a collaborative undertaking designed to bring measurable transfer of value to clients. A core component of our service delivery methodology, therefore, is the establishment of strong communication flows and multi-disciplined dialogue. Our approach places emphasis on:

  • Assessment of
    • Organizational Capacity
    • Business Process and Systems
  • Definition of Developmental Goals
  • Definition of requirements, the scope of work and planning;
  • Definition of Intervention Strategies
  • Design & Implementation of Strategic Intervention Plan
  • Review and Refinement of Strategic Intervention Plan

The ultimate success of each project and the solution delivered is measured based on the extent to which it meets or exceeds clearly defined targets.

Ernest King Executive Director

Ernest King

Executive Director

Camille Wooding Manager Director

Camille Wooding

Manager Director