Who’s Who in Trinidad and Tobago Business

Publisher's Note

Congratulations are in order for the Prestige Business Publications Team, its customers, and service providers for giving us this high quality publication that, once again, has surpassed all our previous editions on content and visual excellence. I am always so excited to see that we Trinbagonians can, as a team, overcome all challenges and produce a world-class product.

The Prestige Business Publications' approach has always been to at least meet, but also try to exceed the best in class in North America and Western Europe. I think we have met our targets for the 2014-2015 Who's Who in Trinidad & Tobago Business.

On the 8, 9 and 10 October, the business community will, in partnership with Government, participate in the Americas Competitiveness Forum VIII. This conference is expected to have well over 1,000 influential delegates from the Americas, who will converge on Trinidad & Tobago to focus on new initiatives to enhance the competitiveness of the region, and to increase the impact of innovation and creativity on that competitiveness. Prestige Business Publications through our sister publication, Business Trinidad & Tobago, featured the conference in our 2014 edition. I refer to this conference, since we will have such an influx of influential business, government and academic leaders who need to leverage the positive assets of our country. In that vein, we expect the Who's Who in Trinidad & Tobago Business to be a key resource in exporting and fostering the continued growth of the Trinidad and Tobago public and private sector "Class of 2014". As we expand to promote a sustainable online community between individuals, private and public sector businesses, we encourage you to take part in our new digital experience through our multiple online platforms. Our new website will complement our print publication and in return, give advertisers and individuals opportunities to share and leverage networks to their fullest potential.

We continue to use our customers and readers' opinions as the source of new innovation in our publications and our brand. We welcome all useful ideas and we will certainly reply to all your comments. In closing, I hope as usual that when you receive the 2014-2015 edition, it adds value to you the reader and advertiser in helping you find who and what you want more easily.