Alleviating ‘period poverty’ in T&T

February 26th, 2024

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With a clear vision and well-defined objectives, Crown Her TT (Trinidad and Tobago) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with its primary mission being to alleviate ‘period poverty’ and advocate for legislative change to ensure the provision of at least one free menstrual product for all women of reproductive age in Trinidad and Tobago. The organisation uses a data-driven, collaborative approach to address a critical issue that affects nearly half of the female population.

Research justifies the cause

Dr. Nadira Rambocas, the driving force behind Crown Her TT, selected this initiative as a personal cause due to witnessing firsthand the struggles women face in accessing menstrual products. As a medical professional, she has seen the impact of ‘period poverty’ on women’s lives and is dedicated to making a positive change. Dr. Rambocas brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the project, holding various medical qualifications and being actively involved in research and education.

She explained that comprehensive data and studies support the need for such a programme. Crown Her TT recently conducted a study on “Assessing Period Poverty in Trinidad and Tobago”. The study involved a nationally drawn sample of 504 women between the ages of 18-48; it highlighted the challenges faced by women in accessing affordable period products. The results showed that 76% of the sample thought that period products were not affordable, and 51% struggled to obtain them. These findings further emphasised the need for legislation and policies to address this issue.

Getting involved: how to support Crown Her TT

The cause championed by Crown Her TT is of paramount importance as ’period poverty’ affects women’s physical, emotional, social, and financial well-being. The organisation aims to address these challenges by advocating for legislative change and ensuring that free menstrual products are readily available in schools and workplaces. Crown Her TT’s impact extends beyond alleviating ‘period poverty’. By providing access to menstrual products, the NGO aims to empower women, enhance gender equality, and contribute to the overall reduction of poverty. Furthermore, the economy will also benefit from the increased purchasing power of women due to the availability of funds diverted from the purchase of period products.

The business community’s involvement is crucial to the success of Crown Her TT’s mission. By joining forces with the private sector, Crown Her TT can broaden its reach, amplify its advocacy efforts, and secure additional resources to achieve its objectives. Collaboration with interested stakeholders is welcome; for further information, contact Crown Her TT at:
FB: @Crown Her TT


The provision of adequate feminine menstrual products is a rudimentary need for every female in Trinidad and Tobago. The actual beneficiaries of this initiative will include the entire female population, the government, as well as the overall economy.

Proposed Solution

To support the provision of at least one free sanitary product (on a monthly basis) for all women in Trinidad and Tobago within the reproductive age of 12-52 years.

Crown Her (Trinidad and Tobago) is a Multi-Non-Governmental Organisation initiative spearheaded by The Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago and founded by Dr. Nadira Rambocas, with partners including The Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association, The Greater Tunapuna Chamber of Industry and Commerce, as well as, the Rotary Clubs of Piarco, Sangre Grande, St. Augustine and St. Augustine West.

By Bavina Sookdeo