American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago(AMCHAM T&T) Message

November 8th, 2023

Stuart Franco, President AMCHAM T&T
Stuart Franco,
President, AMCHAM T&T
Nirad Tewarie, CEO AMCHAM T&T
Nirad Tewarie,

At AMCHAM T&T, we pride ourselves on being the pathway to the Americas. Simply put, we create opportunities for local businesses to expand outward, seek to attract more foreign direct investment, and work to strengthen the rule of law so that our nation becomes an even more attractive place to
do business.

There is no doubt that Trinidad and Tobago is a prime destination for foreign investment and trade, owed largely to our rich natural resources, low energy costs, robust port infrastructure, highly skilled and talented work pool, and easy access to regional and international markets.

We are the Caribbean hub that creates a direct link to markets in North and South America. We are also a vibrant cosmopolitan hub due to our diverse populations, rich cultural background, and host to the greatest show on earth. And soon we intend to be the major Tech Hub of the region that will allow local businesses to export tech services to international markets while developing a critical mass of local talent.

At AMCHAM T&T, we see the development of a tech sector in T&T as a vital component of our country’s future growth strategy. For this to happen, we need to strengthen ICT skills development and education to create a talent pool with tech-related skills to sustain the digital economy. We must also work on putting the nearshoring strategy into action so that this generates some momentum soon.

I think the conversation we want to have over the next year and beyond is about how we can generate more business while simultaneously improving the quality of lives of citizens and protecting our environment. That’s why we need to develop sustainable business practices that will maintain competitiveness and positively impact social change. This is where I believe environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments can be so critical to our business survival and our nation’s future. We must ensure that we support the energy transition, introduce low-carbon products, advance waste reduction campaigns to promote the green initiative, and embrace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policies as part of our governance and social responsibility.

These are some of the priority areas that will shape AMCHAM T&T’s work in the future. Through our expertise and access to our network of 25 AMCHAMs within this region, we welcome everyone to make AMCHAM T&T your preferred growth partner into T&T or from T&T to the hemisphere!

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