About ActionEDGE TT: 

ActionEDGE is a proud firm of business professionals based in Trinidad and Tobago. We are led by our purpose to create abundance, to be the exception, and to create and sustain long lasting positive change. Our 6 core values (Abundance, Innovation, Discipline, Agility, Resilience and Commitment), keep us connected to our purpose and we work with individuals and organizations to build stronger teams, make more profit and work smarter. We are confident in our ability to do this as we have access to tried and tested, proven, guaranteed, world renowned systems, tools, processes, and methodologies.  Our business development products and services are of the highest quality, value for money, and whether sourced internally or externally, will always add the most value and use the latest and most effective training methodologies available.

Our clients are small, medium or large in size. They are leaders of companies that are forward thinking, willing to learn and grow, and are willing to work as a team player in the development of an organization of “people.”

Our major programme offering is Adding Zeros which supports mid to large and global sized businesses. To add zeros, we focus on the disciplines that create exponential growth and the constituencies the organization serves. We categorize the focus into Five Disciplines of Exponential Growth: mission, strategy, business development, people, and execution.  In its success, the organization diligently serves five constituencies: company, customer, team, stakeholder, and community.

A great business is sustainable when it has a clear STRATEGY. Predictability in business is the result of outstanding BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. Stability in a business occurs when employee retention, engagement, and development are high, and its PEOPLE are valued. Mastering EXECUTION means a company that consistently follows proven processes and routines, overseen by competent and enthusiastic managers. MISSION means a business with clarity in purpose, values, and contributions to the community, creating an emotional connection with the constituents it serves.

Engage and Grow supports us with our Team Activation, Engagement, Leadership, Communication, and Culture Programmes. This is based on the 6 steps to Employee Engagement to create and sustain high performing agile leaders and teams.

Our programmes extend the range of online and face to face 1:1, and group coaching programmes, over 400 business education workshops and trainings. Since our inception to Trinidad and Tobago in 2016, we have successfully worked with strategic alliances, and over 300 small and medium enterprises. More information on our client listing is available on request.

Website: https://actionedgett.com/

The Team




Our cadre of coaches is led by our CEO, Indira Couch, Ph.D. who is known for delivering compelling results, is insightful and ideates business solutions with ease. She brings over 25 years of multi-industry general management and cross-functional experience in the UK and Jamaica.

Her expansive experience base, ability to spot and frame opportunities that others cannot, and her drive, takes her resourceful ideas from “concept to execution” at a pace unmatched by others with comparable backgrounds and she understands how to connect the right people to make things happen. Innovative and commercially driven, Indira has demonstrated unflagging enthusiasm and high energy as a transformational leader.

She is committed to a relentless pursuit of connecting with and inspiring action to persons who want to be more, do more and have more. Her ‘purpose’ as a catalyst for change has lead hundreds of business owners and leaders to achieve their goals of growing profit, building stronger teams and working smarter and not harder. Her clients continue to collect national and regional awards and Indira has also received several local, regional and global awards for her work.

She was named Winner of ActionCLUB 2018 Top Coach Award for North America, Rookie Coach of the Year for Engage and Grow in 2019 and in 2020 named Most Resilient Business & Leadership Coaching Specialist (Caribbean) by Acquisition International. She continues to be consecutively ranked No 1 globally as an Engage and Grow coach and was awarded Platinum Coach status recently at Engage and Grow Global Conference 2020.

Indira does not pretend to know it all. As an ActionCOACH and Adding Zeros Business Coach and an Engage and Grow Coach, she belongs to a network of over 1000 business coaches in over 80 countries. With this network of brainpower along with her proven analytical skills developed at the University of London doing a BSc (Hons) Political Science and Economics and Ph.D. in Development Planning, she is skilled at breaking down complex issues into simple steps and has the tools to help her clients succeed.



ActionEDGE is a World-Class One-Stop-Shop for everything to do with Business Re-Education, Continuous Development, Abundance, and Employee Engagement.

ActionEDGE Trinidad and Tobago’s purpose is to empower, educate and coach business owners and business professionals to improve the quality of their lives by helping them to increase their profit, build stronger teams and work smarter and not harder. Through these improvements, we ultimately foresee employment for the people of Trinidad and Tobago and a much more sustainable and stronger economy. We are so confident in our ability to help eager business owners that we will only offer to coach a business if we can guarantee results

Core Values:

  • Abundance
  • Innovation
  • Discipline
  • Agility
  • Resilience
  • Commitment


Indira Couch, ActionEdgeTT

Indira Couch, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Karen Achong, ActionEdgeTT

Karen Achong

General Manager

Ariel Walrond, ActionEdgeTT

Ariel Walrond

Marketing and Communications Officer

Tanika Celestine

Administrative Assistant