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Human Resource and Management Consultancies

Aegis is an outsourcing and advisory services Group serving over a thousand international and local clients spanning the full range of industries including manufacturing, retailing, government, energy and financial in Trinidad and Tobago. Our service portfolio includes Accounting, Taxation, Audit, Payroll, Human Resources and Corporate Finance.

Aegis has become the leader in the Caribbean with the most comprehensive suite of services aimed at delivering high-performance business outsourcing solutions to foreign and local investors.

Though Aegis’ base of operations is in Trinidad and Tobago, services have been provided in several regional jurisdictions including Barbados, St Lucia, Jamaica, Guyana and Suriname. Through partnerships with our global affiliates, Aegis has also served many clients internationally.

Valuing Our People

Training & Education

At Aegis, we pride ourselves in ensuring our professionals are qualified and stay abreast in any changes to international standards. We ensure our professionals are qualified or are attaining the required accreditation for their service area. Additionally, from Business Writing to Office Etiquette, employees are provided with free task-based training as well as coaching on issues that don’t necessarily fall within functional range but which are relevant to personal growth and development.

Building communities

Aegis team members volunteer their time to form social clubs, societies and committees. Beyond diminishing departmental boundaries these institutions operate to encourage employees and their families to invest in their physical wellness and financial futures and foster the premise that charity begins at home. Some of the clubs formed since the company’s inception are: Aegis Investment Club, Aegis Credit Union Corporative Society, Aegis Social Events Club and Aegis Charity Committee


Supporting Cultural Ethnic & Religious Diversity

Our Aegis Team are encouraged to express their individualism and celebrate in all holiday festivities, food and cultural dress in Trinidad and Tobago. Diversity is important to us as it is this dynamism of our workforce that enables our company’s ability to adapt to changes in clients’ needs; understand opinions and formulate solutions. “We believe that every idea counts.

Supporting Our Community

Helping Out Wherever We Can

Aegis avidly endorses its responsibility as a successful organization, to give back to the wider community. In addition to regular financial sponsorships and donations to a variety of organizations, Aegis supports education and literacy programmes and institutes, sports foundations, religious associations and professional bodies.


Our Offices

North / West Office:
16-18 Scott-Bushe Street,
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
Tel: +1-868-625-6473

Central / South Office:
Corner Hosein Drive & Southern Main Road,
Chase Village, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
Tel: +1-868-625-6473 Ext. 300

Angela Lee Low - Chairman

Angela Lee Low


Wendy Wong Won - Director

Wendy Wong Won


Joanne Webb - Corporate & Governance

Joanne Webb

Corporate & Governance

Kathy Ann Newallo - Human Resources

Kathy Ann Newallo

Human Resources

Malcolm Mackenzie - Accounting Outsourcing

Malcolm Mackenzie

Accounting Outsourcing

Vernetta Guischard - Audit

Vernetta Guischard


Brent Ramsumair - Business Development

Brent Ramsumair

Business Development

Melissa Cobham - Business Development

Melissa Cobham

Business Development

Aleema Ogeer-Ali Accounting

Aleema Ogeer-Ali


Megan Apang - Payroll Services

Megan Apang

Payroll Services

Tenille Harriot-Lewis - Payroll

Tenille Harriot-Lewis


Lisa Creese - Work Permits

Lisa Creese

Work Permits

Kevin Antonie - Technology

Kevin Antonie