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Our potential client/target market is any individual or company requiring professional consultation, insurance broking and risk management services.

We handle a wide range of clients ranging from individuals to small businesses to large private and state sector companies. Our Client Range covers most of the major sectors in the country, including the automobile industry, agriculture, building and construction, energy, education, electronics, finance and banking, food manufacturing and processing, general contractors, garments, hotels, housing developments, manufacturing and industry, oil and related services, printing, property, professionals, shipping, shopping plazas and supermarkets, steel and metal companies, transport and travel.

Companies and Individuals choose us due to the following:

  • Incorporated since 1950, we are the longest established and largest broker in Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Largest Professional Indemnity limit in the industry at USD50,000,000 to protect the interests of our clients, employees and shareholders.
  • Ability to offer our clients a full range of insurance and risk transfer solutions.
  • Acquaint ourselves with the details of your business, keep abreast of developments within the insurance industry, and will advise on bespoke risk transfer and insurance solutions.
  • Assess the contents of risk management surveys and discuss with you how to manage the risks identified, including risk control and reduction, self-insurance, and the extent and form of necessary insurance cover.
  • Place cover with insurers in accordance with the laws of Trinidad & Tobago, ensuring that such cover is always to the best advantage of your company, that insurers and their reinsurers are secure and the best value for money is obtained at all times.
  • Maintain excellent correspondent relationships with several major international brokers in all specialty areas.
  • Undertake all the procedures necessary for processing claims, including the claims advocacy, recovery of claims from third parties, negotiations with adjusters, collection from insurers, provision and maintenance of claims statistics/reports and the development of loss control procedures.
  • Binding facilities for several local and international insurers providing a suite of insurance solutions.
  • Wholly owned Third Party Administration (TPA) company.
  • Ensure that claims are settled efficiently, fairly and quickly.
  • Investigate the insurance cover that should be taken out by contractors to your business and ensure that such coverage complies with the conditions of a contract.
  • Ensure that your premiums are promptly remitted to insurers, in accordance with the Insurance Act.
  • Advise you immediately if we feel our appointment causes any conflict of interest.
  • Financially sound
  • Customer friendly and have a service-oriented attitude.
  • Flexibility of operation through specialty divisions and branch network.
  • High degree of credibility, integrity and broker leverage.
  • Proactive approach to problem-solving and continuously innovating through technology and insurance solutions.

Head Office – Port of Spain

119 Henry Street

Port of Spain


West Indies.

+1 868 623 0576

+1 868 623 0579

+1 868 623 5322

+1 868 623 5325

Branch Office – San Fernando

No. 1 Freeling Street

(Corner Keate and Freeling Street)

San Fernando Trinidad

West Indies.

+1 868 625 3774

+1 868 652 3337

Branch Office – Tobago

EDOO Building

98 Norma Drive

Lowlands, Tobago

West Indies.

+1 868 639 2986

Branch Office- St. Lucia

J.E. Bergasse Buliding

1st Floor

Vide Boutielle



West Indies.

+1 758 456 6500


Branch Office – Grenda

Scott Street

St. George’s


West Indies.

+1 473 435 6861

Shabir Khan Director

Shabir Khan

Executive Chairman

Edison Raphael Director

Edison Raphael

Managing Director

Brent Mitchell Director

Brent Mitchell

Deputy Managing Director

Navin Dookeran Director

Navin Dookeran


Robert Lazzari Managing Director

Robert Lazzari

Non-Executive Director

Peter Clarke Non Executive Director

Peter Clarke

Non-Executive Director

Ian John, Agostini

Ian John

Non-Executive Director

Carol David, Agostini

Carol David

Non-Executive Director

Derwin Howell, Agostini

Derwin Howell

Non-Executive Director

Malika Sandy-Roper, Agostini

Malika Sandy-Roper

Head of Compliance, Corporate Secretary

Anthony Charles Commercial Manager

Anthony Charles

Commercial Manager

Joesette Torres

Commercial Manager

Pamela Baptiste Employee Benefits Manager

Pamela Baptiste

Employee Benefits Manager

Keith WykeBranch Manager, Tobago

Keith Wyke

Branch Manager, Tobago

Ingrid Bowrin Information Technology Manager

Ingrid Bowrin

Information Technology Manager

Joseph Laquis, Agostini

Joseph Laquis

Data Analytics Manager

Rowena Williams

Human Resource Manager

Karrel Woods, Agostini Ins

Karrel Woods

Finance Manager