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Best Airport in the Caribbean

The Piarco International Airport has topped the region as the Best Airport in the Caribbean, as declared by the Skytrax 2022 World Airport Awards. In relation to the Global Region – Central America and the Caribbean, the Piarco International Airport has been ranked the Third Best Airport, edged out by Panama’s Tocumen International Airport and Costa Rica’s San Jose International Airport.

Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (“the Authority”) is responsible for the management and operation of the international airports in Trinidad and Tobago – Piarco International Airport (POS) in Trinidad and ANR Robinson International Airport (TAB) in Tobago. The Authority has embarked on a strategic course and at the pinnacle of our goals is the focus on innovation to improve operational efficiency, ensure commercial viability and promote sustainable development of the local aviation sector.

Open for Business

The Authority continues with its Air Service Development efforts. Our goal is to modernise our facilities and increase capacity so that we can attract new airlines, augment flight frequencies and create opportunities for new routes – further connecting our region to the rest of the world.

Our Business Development and Marketing teams engage in ongoing research, preparation of data intelligence and continuous communication with international airline agents. During the course of each year, a small group from the Authority attends the Routes events, an aviation industry networking conference that brings together representatives and key decision makers of airlines, airports and tourism bodies from all over the world. To attend these events our team employs numerous activities to strengthen the marketing approach. These include extensive market analysis, leakage studies, providing a strong business case, engagement before and after the event and identifying new routes that fit our airports.

One of our main objectives is positioning and developing the Piarco International Airport as a hub in the southern Caribbean. Our geographical location allows for easy connectivity between, North, Central and South America. Trinidad and Tobago already welcomes visitors from the Eastern Caribbean and the northern part of South America, with many from Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela coming into Piarco International, to get to Europe and North America. And there has now been an increase in traffic from Panama and Colombia. However, Piarco has the potential to become an even larger hub, where we’re not only picking up traffic from this part of the world but also from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Cargo Hub of the Caribbean

Growth in the cargo movement capability via facility expansion, storage variety and 24/7 operations, will take advantage of the projected growth in this sector. Broadened opportunities for import/export, increased global market access, air traffic growth, improved air transport connectivity and liberalization of air cargo services are just some of the benefits of an expanded cargo industry. Continuing to cement Trinidad and Tobago’s position as the cargo hub for the Southern Caribbean invites increased investment, encourages the growth of supporting industries and puts us on the cutting edge of trade and development in the region.

The Solar Park

The Authority has installed the first commercial scale Solar Park in Trinidad and Tobago at the Piarco International Airport. A 0.5 Megawatt Solar Park, funded by the European Union, has been built on lands north of the main terminal building. The plant is expected to produce a minimum annual generation capacity of 767,034 kilowatts per hour with the potential to avoid approximately 500 metric tonnes of Carbon dioxide emissions annually, with opportunity for expansion.

ANR Robinson International Airport

In addition to the improvements that can be achieved at the Piarco International Airport, Tobago will soon be receiving an entirely new terminal building. Plans include a more commercialised structure teeming with business prospects for both local and international investors and enhanced facilities for tourists.

The Authority’s Future

The airports on our twin island Republic have become destinations in themselves, as the Authority charges towards the accomplishment of its vision “to be the leader of diverse and innovative aviation driven business in the region.

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