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Ascendancy Solutions and Trading Limited

Professional Services, Public and Private Sector Organizations

Strategic Marketing Agency

We specialise in enabling entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive in today’s digital consumer based markets. If you are seeking to outperform your competition and sustainably grow your brand, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve worked for a diverse clientele and provided service to various brands across a multitude of industries such as restaurants, automotive retailers, government bodies and financial service providers among others.


  • Market Research
  • Strategy Planning
  • Social Media Co-Management
  • Content Productions
  • Export Development

Kanson Seenarine, Founder, Principal Consultant, Ascendancy Solutions and Trading Limited

Kanson Seenarine

Founder/Principal Consultant

Gabriella Gonzales, Director/Consultant - Ascendancy Solutions and Trading Limited

Gabriella Gonzales