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Broadview Surveillance Systems (a member of the ProTec Group) is a technological security organization that creates a fusion between business management and CCTV Security to offer a dual benefit service package to clients that need more than “Just Security.”

Here at Broadview, we aim to provide a sublime service to each client by focusing heavily on customer service skills along with steadfast 24/7 Support. This has been made possible through our proficient leadership and management experts working relentlessly on building an ultramodern system that brings a matchless balance of human and technological synergy to our clients.

Our dedication, design, and determination, results in our partition from competitors within the industry. We offer our clients not just security, but real time Operational Management of their assets and businesses through CCTV Surveillance by bringing a real sense of urgency to what our clients’ really need.


Specialty Services


Security/ Business Consultancy

Broadview offers consultancy services to companies both enterprise, and small to medium scale for both security and business related issues. This service involves Business Continuity Planning and implementation/ establishment of holistic operations management structures through gap analysis exercises that pinpoint weak areas in any business.


Special Operations Management Systems

Broadview offers a modern twist on operations management through CCTV whereby live reports and management of staff can be done virtually. This is paired with security response services both private and public which are offered to ensure that clients get the most value and enhanced productivity.


Vehicle GPS

Have one of our team members visit YOU to install GPS FREE of charge when you sign up for our vehicle monitoring package.


Offshore CCTV Management

Broadview offers offshore CCTV management to international energy companies operating in

Trinidad and Tobago waters via their 24/7 remote command centre. This assists their clients in detection, prevention of drug trade and general safety for offshore assets.

Marcus Tewari, Director of Broadview Surveillance Systems

Marcus Tewari

Director of Broadview Surveillance Systems

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