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Caribbean Housing Ltd.

Construction, Engineering and Transportation Real Estate, Property Development and Facilities Management

Caribbean Housing Limited (CHL) is a pioneering Developer, committed to creating beautifully vibrant, sustainable communities in Trinidad.

CHL was incorporated on 2nd March 1968 and has been working hand in hand with its sister companies; Westmoorings Limited (incorporated in 1969) and Jang Estates Limited (incorporated in 1957) since their respective incorporations.

Past notable projects include the following developments:

  • Goodwood Gardens, Diego Martin
  • Westmoorings, North, South-West, South-East, Westmoorings-by-the-Sea, Westmall
  • Blue Basin Gardens, Diego Martin
  • Victoria Gardens South, Diego Martin
  • Andrew’s Court, Chalet Court and Hacienda Court in Fairways, Maraval
  • North Avenue Park, Balmoral Park and Aberdeen Park in Chaguanas

In staying true to the Company’s vision of creating self-contained communities – an interwoven tapestry of homes, offices, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centres, health care facilities and other services necessary for integrated neighbourhoods – CHL has been developing areas in Brentwood and Brookhaven, Chaguanas.

CHL is the recipient of the 2017 Business of the Year Award, which was conferred by the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Real Estate from a Developer’s Perspective

INTERVIEW Dr Krishna BahadoorsinghChairman, Caribbean Housing Ltd. (CHL) Caribbean Housing Ltd (CHL) has been at the forefront of building communities since 1968. Led by Dr Krishna Bahadoorsingh, the company is one of the more prominent private developers locally. It is known for its work in…

November 8th, 2022

Launch of Brentwood Mall, Chaguanas

Left, Baldath Maharaj, Vice President of the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce.  Second from Left, Daran Bahadoorsingh, Managing Director of Caribbean Housing Ltd.  Chaguanas Mayor Faaiq Mohammed (center, left) cuts the ribbon.   Sabra Bahadoorsingh, Director of Caribbean Housing Ltd., Indra Bahadoorsingh.   Top right, Dr.…

May 13th, 2022