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Health and Safety, Environment and Standards

CSA, founded in 1970 as a marine environmental consulting firm, specializes in multidisciplinary projects concerning potential environmental impacts of activities in coastal and marine ecosystems and offers a wide variety of desktop and field survey services to support our clients worldwide.

CSA has successfully conducted thousands of studies for more than 600 clients in 79 countries, including nearly 60 in the Tropics. Our nearly five decades of experience in marine studies from local rivers to the deep ocean includes sampling, monitoring, mapping, permitting, baseline surveys, impact assessment, and mitigation. CSA is headquartered in Stuart, Florida with domestic branch offices in Tampa, Florida; Houston, Texas; and Houma, Louisiana as well as international offices in Brazil, Trinidad, Qatar, Western Australia, and the Eastern Mediterranean. As members of TRACE International, CSA is committed to the ethical conduct of business in our activities and those of our partners.

The CSA team is composed of leaders in research and the environmental consulting industry with specialties in water quality monitoring, water and sediment sampling, deep water imaging, sampling design, statistical analysis, protected species assessments, habitat characterization, monitoring studies, impact assessments, environmental permitting, and land and hydrographic surveying.

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CSA Concludes an Ecological Risk Assessment in the Gulf of Paria, Trinidad

An Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) is a useful tool to evaluate the likelihood that the ecology of an area (ranging from organismal to whole communities, including human) will be impacted from exposure to project-related stressors in addition to other natural and anthropogenic stressors. Stressors may…

June 23rd, 2021