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Track the Location of Your Company Vehicles

Cylo Tracking Limited provides customers with reliable, real time, cost effective tracking solutions for vehicles, assets and loved ones including children, the elderly and pets.

Keep Track of Your Company Vehicles



Cylo provides hidden Vehicle GPS Tracking Solutions along with Wireless Solutions



  • Track From Anywhere: You can login to your account and view your vehicle and loved ones location no matter where you are in the world
  • Works Globally

Our solution works in most major countries and we are rolling out new countries all the time. Message us to see if we are currently available in your country.

  • Online Portal: Login to your account from any web-enabled device
  • Mobile Apps: Login from your mobile phones with iOS and Android Mobile Apps


With our wide range of tracking services, take advantage of the best value based on price and our top of the line features along with our superior customer service.

Be in the know about where your vehicles go. Contact Us for a Free Trial

  • Reduce Fuel and Maintenance Costs
  • Reduce Car Theft and Accidents
Jason Valley - General Manager, CYLO Tracking Limited

Jason Valley

General Manager