Debt Recovery and Administrative Services Limited (DR&ASL)

Professional Services, Public and Private Sector Organizations

Debt Recovery and Administrative Services Limited (DR&ASL) is driven by technology and specialized collection services. Our only agenda and focus is to use technology to make your debt collection experience better. Our latest investment has been in online payments, this affords customers the luxury of paying anywhere, anytime, at their convenience. It is our aim as a debt collector to find new and better ways for Clients and Customers to access debt details. This paperless approach saves from excessive usage of administrative paper work and forges the use of online technology. As your preferred debt collector we have also changed software to one of the latest available in collections. DR&ASL understands that it would be ineffective not to diversify software to the current trends in debt collections.

Through technology DR&ASL continues to meet your collection needs and extend a better way to meet your demands.

We also offer e-collections services in keeping with the paperless approach that costs mere dollars and cents. It affords Clients the best way of reaching debtors e-collections which ensures reaching debtors in a convenient and advance form. DR&ASL now offers call centre and payment centre services, we handle your debts beginning in the earliest stages. Our payment centre is a franchise that fits into our drive to tackle debts in its earliest forms and help customers to maintain a vital debt ceiling when paying bills. In addition, the call centre gives the best results to make sure that debts do not accumulate but rather are paid as soon as possible. Therefore, our online client and customer services, e-collections, bill payment and call centre services all focus on preventing debt collections and making debt collections easy for you.

Another agenda that DR&ASL continues to be driven by is in the Eastern Caribbean, Debt Recovery and Administrative Services Grenada Limited. Our services are extended to the wider Caribbean with rates and fees that are specialized to the region. Debt Recovery Grenada is now focused on providing debt collection services in the Caribbean with specific focus on timely and efficient debt collection services. Our continuous agenda is to keep you afloat and this has fuel our added services such as administrative services including providing payment promotions …