Domus Windows & Doors Ltd

Construction and Engineering Manufacturing and Retail Distribution

Domus is a Caribbean-based world-leader in the manufacture of quality uPVC windows and doors. The company was created for the sole purpose of developing and manufacturing a wide range of products to be manufactured in the Caribbean specifically for the Caribbean.

Domus sells its products throughout the Caribbean from its offices located in Trinidad, Antigua, and St Kitts. Domus’ products are designed, engineered and built to deliver superior value to its customers in terms of:

  • Style, aesthetics and customer appeal;
  • Superior performance in the Caribbean climate; and
  • Longevity, lowest life-cycle costs.

Domus’ uPVC product components are guaranteed not to rust, peel, corrode, rot, swell or blister for a period of 20 years after installation. Domus uses the finest materials available anywhere in the world. Since Domus’ product do not deteriorate a building owner can look forward to a long period of continued productive use with minimal maintenance and no need for replacement.

Domus manufacturing processes:

  • Utilizes a state-of-the art multi-faceted computer integrated manufacturing system.
  • Uses numerically controlled uPVC and glass processing equipment permitting manufacture of custom sized units built to exacting tolerances.
  • The company has three product lines with hundreds of different models and configurations allowing high value solutions for a broad range of applications.
  • Units damaged in the field can be re-manufactured to original specifications from the order database.
  • Widest range of glazing options available in The Caribbean.
  • Wide range of custom shapes and configurations.


In addition to its strategy of providing products that can stand up to the harsh Caribbean Climate, Domus has focused great effort on dealing with two risk factors facing its Caribbean Clientele, namely;

  • Hurricanes – We manufacture a complete line of hurricane resistant window and door products which meet the requirements of Miami-Dade County and/or ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996 impact test protocols and standards. In addition to providing excellent hurricane protection performance, use of these products will typically allow property owners to receive up to a 40% discount on hurricane protection insurance premiums.
  • Security – To respond to this risk Domus has provided a range of products which provide excellent security protection while at the same time retaining aesthetic appeal and safety. Three glazing solutions prevent access by thieves while at the same time permitting homeowners to exit if required in an emergency. Our windows have a form of night-locks which prevent easy access by limiting opening sizes while at the same time permitting ventilation.

Domus has been growing quickly and is continuing to carry out product research and development on new products that can deliver superior performance.











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Terrance B. Ortt, Domus

Terrance B. Ortt

Founder & CEO

Gail Prince-Persad, Domus

Gail Prince-Persad

Regional Director (Projects)

Nigel Roffey, Domus

Nigel Roffey

Vice President

Chantelle Huggins, Domus

Chantelle Huggins

Sales & Marketing Manager

Terrance Sheppard, Domus

Terrance Sheppard

Regional Sales Director (Projects)

Genette Ali, Domus

Genette Ali

Retail Sales Supervisor

Brent Patrick, Domus

Brent Patrick

Sales Executive

Derek Manurat, Domus

Derek Manurat

Regional Sales Executive

Curleen Charles, Domus

Curleen Charles

Sales Executive (Projects)