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As one of the leading Customer Care Consultants in the Caribbean, we enjoy working with organizations that are committed to bringing their standard of customer service up to world class.

We are proud to be associated with some of the leading organizations in the insurance, investment, retail, entertainment and food service sectors. Through our website, we provide both information on our organization, as well as updates on practical techniques that can be utilized by all companies to improve their customer service standards. So, we are happy that you chose to visit us and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Our Signature Product: Customer Care Transformation Intervention

Our signature Customer Care Transformation Intervention has been created to meet the growing need by organizations to move up to world class standards of customer care.  This shift has been driven by the loud and growing demand by customers for superior levels of service delivery.

The DRA Consulting model provides a systematic and sustainable approach to helping clients find a permanent solution to their customer care challenges and transforming themselves into Cultures of Service.

Targeting The Whole Company:

Our Customer Care Transformation Intervention is a company-wide

immersion program that targets “the whole company” and engages all levels of staff and all departments (frontline and backend).

A Permanent Solution to Customer Service Challenges

Our model comprises intricate threading of end to end moving parts that starts with employees experiencing a change in their psychological contract with the customer, then moves to employee ownership for delivering a positive customer experience and ends with a sustained organizational shift to a world-class level of customer care being delivered to customers.

 Some of the pillars that guide our signature model include:

  • Attitude Shift To “Willing To Assist”
  • World Class Customer Care Standards
  • Leadership Team Retooling
  • Line Staff Retooling
  • Customer Engagement Process Training
Dawn Richards CEO

Dawn Richards

Chief Executive Officer

Dawn Richards, CEO | DRA Consulting Service Transformation Strategist

Reimagining service as we adapt to the digital age We hadn’t noticed that we were being primed for this digital moment that we’re experiencing. The pandemic has shoved everyone forward, at the same time and necessity has become the mother of acceleration. With the onslaught…

April 29th, 2020