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Equilibrium Environmental Services Ltd. (EES)

Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Standards

“Equilibrium Environmental Services Ltd. (EES) is a Trinidad & Tobago based environmental consultancy. Established in 2008, the principals Neil Harper (Managing Director) and Dominick LaValle (Technical Director) have been involved in the environmental consultancy business in Trinidad and Tobago for the last fifteen years. A strategic partnership with Ontario, Canada based Valley Environmental Services complements the business with deep technical expertise. Through our network of experienced professionals, we are capable of executing challenging environmental projects. At your disposal are over 40 years of local, regional and international industrial expertise.”


  • Environmental Monitoring: Stack, Ambient Air, Noise, Water
  • Source Emitter Registration
  • Dispersion Modelling & Engineering Calculations
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Management System Design & Assessment: ISO, OSHAS, STOW-TT
  • Risk Assessment
  • Contractor Safety Management

Ask our clients. They can tell you about our:

  • Cost effective project management
  • Regulatory oversight
  • Defensible data
  • Use of technology
  • Reach
1 Equilibrum Neil Harper - Managing Director

Neil Harper

Managing Director

2 Equilibrum Dominick LaValle - Technical Director

Dominick LaValle

Technical Director