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Firstline Securities Limited

Banking, Investment and Financial Services

Firstline is an independent financial services firm founded in 2005 with the express aim to create wealth for generations of Caribbean citizens by improving access to both capital and investments.

Firstline arranges corporate and project financing, manages investment portfolios, trades securities and provides advice to repeat clients in T&T as well as in the French, Dutch and OECS territories of the Caribbean. They stay with us because we always deliver quality service and we can do that because we have:

  • Specialist staff with extensive experience at the top levels of management in the regional financial services industry.
  • A wide-ranging relationship network.
  • Competitive & creative financing terms, investment ideas & corporate strategies.
  • A well-guarded reputation for professionalism & integrity.

Our clients come from all walks of life. You are individuals, companies, and governments. You’re an entrepreneur seeking funding, a pension plan in search of returns, and a couple saving for retirement.


Wealth Management

We see you. We hear you. We’re always there for you. 100%

 Whether you’re five years into your career, or five years to the end of it, over the years we’ve realised there are three common strands which run through the investment goals of our clients. You want:

  • Access to both traditional and alternative investment opportunities
  • Long-term, risk-adjusted returns which perform through the revolutions of economic and market cycles
  • Peace of mind while we work on getting you what you need.


Corporate Finance

Service. Speed. Execution

We know that you’re great at what you do. But you need a financial partner and incisive insight. Firstline ensures that your company or project is both structured and presented in such a way that it attracts investors and provides a sustainable form of debt payment. This includes reviewing your history, current operations and plans for the future, and validating your assumptions to create an information memorandum for prospective investors.

However, our relationship with you is more than transactional and we look beyond the closing date to the healthy progression of your business as a whole. We deliver strong strategic advice, ensuring that your business objectives are achieved beyond the initial disbursement of funds.


Creating Wealth For The People. For You.  This is the focus which drive us.


Keith M King

Keith M. King

Chairman & Founder

Dalia King

Dalia King

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Singh

Mark Singh

Chief Financial Officer

Cole Patrick

Cole Patrick

Head of Distribution

Maxine King

Maxine King

Head of Wealth Management

Winston Gordon

Winston Gordon

Executive Manager of Business Development