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  • Sleep disorders affect all aspects of life – not attaining proper sleep has become a global epidemic impacting millions worldwide. Untreated Sleep Disorders directly affects workplace productivity, increased absenteeism and increased risk of workplace injury and incidents. With access to specialists trained to recognize and treat sleep disorders, this improves the persons chances of better sleep and overall improved health. iSDHS’s focus is to collaborate with healthcare institutions, medical/dental professionals, pharmacy, and retail providers, to provide an end-to-end solution to improve overall health and sleep quality. iSDHS has over 50 years of combined Sleep Medicine experience, to better address the lack of medical expertise in the Caribbean region.

iSD Health Solutions is the natural progression of complete, effective sleep disease management (insomnia and sleep apnea). We combine the convenience of telemedicine, home sleep apnea testing and long-term follow-up with the expertise of board-certified physicians, expert therapy providers and sleep coaches to eliminate all the pain points of traditional lab testing, evaluations, and equipment delivery.

  • Authorized distributors in the Caribbean for:
    • Philips Respironics – Caribbean International Distributor
    • ResMed – Caribbean International Distributor
    • BMC – Caribbean International Distributor
    • VirtuOX – VirtuClean
    • SleepMedRx – Board Certified Sleep Physician Network
    • Itamar Medical – WatchPAT Technologies
    • Scientific Laboratory Products – Apnea Strip
    • Rijuven – Clinic in a Bag/Clinic to Door Caribbean
    • The American Academy of Cardiovascular Sleep Medicine (AACSM) in partnership with the Caribbean Sleep Disorder Association (CSDA) for medical online training.
    • Dayzz (Virtual Sleep Coaching App) – Caribbean International Distributor
  • What makes us unique?
    • Accredited by the American Telemedicine Association
    • Only Licensed Board-Certified Sleep Physicians Network in the Caribbean
    • Providing Night Owl Ectosense Home Sleep Testing, In-Lab Testing and Tailor-Made Plan of Treatment
    • Largest public exposure in Healthcare in the Caribbean on Social Media – (Facebook – 40K+ Followers and Instagram 1200+)


  • We currently provide services to:
    • Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Barbados and Jamaica


  • We will be providing services within the Caribbean Region to include:
    • Antigua, Belize, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent & The Grenadines and the Dominican Republic
  • Assessment, Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment for OSA and Insomnia:
    • Assessments: Online & Telemedicine (Board Certified Sleep Physician Consultation and Professional Interpretation)
    • Screening: Apnea Strip, Night Owl Overnight Pulse Oximetry Testing
    • Diagnostic Testing: Night Owl Ectosense Home Sleep Testing & Polysomnographic Diagnostic Testing
    • Treatment: APAP and BiPAP Therapy, Positional Therapy, Portable Oxygen Therapy, and Oral Appliances

iSDHS provides expertise of US board-certified sleep physicians through the innovation of telemedicine to address the global epidemic of sleep deprivation related to untreated Sleep Disorders in the Caribbean, to increase risk of chronic solutions through the innovation of telemedicine to address the 80+ sleeping disorders. The goal of iSD Health Solutions is to enable the patient to make knowledgeable, education decisions concerning their own health care. We provide occupational support for sleep risks for out corporate partners, including transportation, manufacturing, oil and energy sector, first-time responders and government services and retail services.

  • Our services are covered by most Insurance Providers including:
    • Guardian Life
    • Sagicor
    • TATIL
    • Cardea Health
    • Beacon
    • Maritime
    • UniMed
    • M&M Insurance
    • Pan American Life
    • PetroTrin
    • Clico
    • Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL) and,
    • Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force (TTDF).
  • Accredited Screening Centers and Affiliate Partners:
    • Massy Stores Pharmacy (34 regional locations)
    • SuperPharm Ltd. (9 locations)
    • Starlite Pharmacy (3 locations)
    • SurgiMed
    • Stroke and Diabetes Center
    • Augustine Private Hospital
    • Clair Medical Hospital
    • Rodney Bay Clinic – (St. Lucia)
    • Hibiscus Health Network (Barbados)
    • Acropolis Medical Center
    • Serpentine Dental
    • GillMed Limited
    • The Trinidad and Tobago Diabetes Association
    • Caribbean Heart Care Medcorp Limited
    • Courts Megastore
    • Ectosense
    • Pavilion Sleep Center
    • SleepMedRx
    • VirtuOX
  •  SleepMedRx
    • Access to first online telemedicine sleep physician network in the Caribbean
    • Only licensed Board-Certified Sleep Physician Network in the Caribbean
    • Provides consultation for 80+ Sleep Disorders.
  • Island Sleep Store:
    • The First and Only International CPAP & Supply Online Store in the Caribbean
    • For the purchase of Sleeping Devices and Accessories for Sleep Disorders such as Sleep Apnea.
    • Best Value Products exclusive to the Caribbean Region.


CEO and Clinical Director