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KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited

Banking, Investment and Financial Services

Our History 

KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited (KCL), formerly AIC Capital Market Brokers Limited, has been in operation since October 16, 2003, as a registered securities company regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission of Trinidad & Tobago. On February 1st, 2011 the management team of AIC Capital Market Brokers Limited purchased a 100% ownership interest in the Company. In August 2011 the Company rebranded as KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited, with a redefined mantra “Building Generational Wealth”.

KCL specializes in the design and distribution of mid-size capital market products and services which are tailored to meet our individual clients’ needs. Since 2005, the company has developed expertise in the monetization of high-grade commercial trade receivables within the region with over TT$4 billion in business volume monetized to date since the program’s inception. KCL has also expanded its services to the monetization of prime consumer loans and mortgage receivables.

Our Business 

The company’s main lines of business include Structured Finance, Corporate and Investment Banking and Wealth and Asset Management

Our Logo 

Building generational wealth is our mantra, which is depicted in our logo as a seedling of the majestic General Sherman tree of California’s northern coastline, one of the tallest and longest living organisms on our planet.

That is our vision for your wealth, for its roots to be secured in time tested investment principles and for it to be robust to withstand the volatility of any investment climate.

Our Vision  

KCL was founded with the mission of Building Generational Wealth, in all its forms, for our families, community, country and the Caribbean.

  • We see the Caribbean as a treasure chest, full of innovative ideas and an abundance of talent.  
  • We believe that wealth is infinite and available to all.  
  • We believe that there is a solution to any obstacle, and we commit to never stop thinking about possible solutions.  
  • We believe in collaboration vs. competition. In this way we have developed strategic business relationships, enabling the best possible outcomes for our clients.

 As a company, we are passionate about helping regional businesses thrive, with the goal of ‘Transforming Caribbean Dreams into Global Income Streams’.

We go the extra mile to exceed our client expectations and look forward to the occasions to serve your needs.

Kerwyn Valley - Chief Executive Officer, KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited (KCL)

Kerwyn Valley

Chief Executive Officer

Trudie Telesford-Pierre - Deputy Chief Executive Officer, KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited (KCL)

Trudie Telesford-Pierre

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Omaalade Adams - Chief Operating Officer, KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited (KCL)

Omaalade Adams

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Des Vignes - VP Business Development, KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited (KCL)

Michelle Des-Vignes

VP Business Development

Liesel Alexander - VP Distribution & Asset Management, KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited (KCL)

Liesel Alexander

VP Distribution and Asset Management

Jacqueline Hilton-Clarke - VP Investor Services, KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited (KCL)

Jacqueline Hilton-Clarke

VP Investor Services

Kieran Valley-Gordon - VP Corporate Finance, KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited (KCL)

Kieran Valley-Gordon

VP Corporate Finance