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Medical Associates Hospital, the Pride of St. Joseph, was established 14TH March 1979, as 12-bedded private health institution, in a renowned great house standing on St. Joseph Hill, overlooking George Earle Park. To keep apace of the needs of the community, our bed capacity has grown to 50. This makes us one of the larger private health facilities in the Eastern Caribbean. As the years have passed and we have evolved whilst remaining true to our Vision; “a hospital whose services stand out in the Medical Field for its integrity, professionalism, loyalty and widely acknowledged for its exceptional service to its customers and the community; and our Mission; “to excel in the creation and delivery of a comprehensive range of quality medical services through well trained, committed and diligent staff who provide superior care and a safe environment.”

Our hospital has seen expansion in infrastructure, technology and human resources to provide dedicated care in specialized areas both as inpatients and as outpatients. These include ENT, OB/GYN, In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), Paediatrics, Oncology, General and Vascular Surgeries, Eye Surgeries, minimally invasive procedures such as Bariatric (Weight Loss / Management) Surgery, Endoscopy, and Gastroenterology.

Medical Director, Dr. Aroon Naraynsingh displays Temos Accreditation Award

Laboratories services provides a wide range of Haematology (blood) and Microbiology tests. This department continues to evolve and now include COVID-19 testing.

Cardiac Services inclusive of our new and innovative Cath Lab specialising in Acute Coronary Services, Chest Pain/Angioplasty, ECHOcardiogram, Stress ECHOcardiogram, and Stress Test. Neurology and Neurosurgery Services specialize in treatment of Acute Strokes, Seizures, & Headache Management, Back and Spinal conditions

Radiology Services provide a vast range of X-Rays, Ultrasounds, CTs, MRIs, CT and MR Angiography and Mammography.

Our Physiotherapy Department assist in our patient’s recovery and rehabilitation whilst in bed in hospital and after surgery.

Companies access customized and comprehensive Executive and Industrial Medical Packages to suit the requirements of their specific needs of their industry.

Operating Room Facilities: The hospital has a delivery suite, four operating theatres, and an ICU facility that provides for all maternity and surgical events.

Medical Associates Chaguanas Hospital (MACH): Over the last 10 years, the commitment of our industrious and enthusiastic team of nurses, and supporting staff, led by a highly qualified team of medical personnel has established our sister institution, the first Full Service Hospital in Chaguanas. MACH, the orange building visible directly from the Chaguanas Flyover, has become known for the same quality service that identifies the Medical Associates brand. The Orange represents the warmth, enthusiasm and determination of the staff at MACH. The same range of services is offered at both institutions and, should the need arise, there is a ready link to St. Joseph.

Both Hospitals offer a 24 Hour Accident and Emergency and Ambulance service @ 800-4MED (4633) TOLL FREE.

As a leader in private hospital care in the Caribbean over 40 Years, Medical Associates takes pride in offering ‘Excellence In Medical Care’ as we ‘Serve Our Community as a Quality Healthcare Provider’.

We look forward to welcoming you to our facilities and providing the best Health Care in your time of need. Our staff will give you a first-hand experience of our commitment to quality patient care.