Manufacturing and Retail Distribution

Facilitating agri-business in Trinidad & Tobago

The National Agricultural Marketing and Development Corporation (NAMDEVCO), is a statutory body responsible for facilitating the growth and sustainability of Trinidad and Tobago’s agricultural sector.

The Corporation provides technical support for the development of successful production, postharvest handling, value added processing, cold chain management, storage and marketing systems.


  • Farm Certification and Monitoring
  • Packinghouse Operations
  • Providing Market Intelligence
  • Business Development
  • NAMDEVCO Farmers’ Markets
  • Export Support Services
  • Managing Wholesale, Retail and Fish Markets
  • Supporting Agro-Processing Industries

Head Office:

3 1/4 mm S.S. Erin Road, Debe

Telephone Number: 647-3218

Fax: 647-6087

Websites: &

Email: [email protected]



Other Offices with contact numbers:

Farmers Market Unit – 679-8412

Norris Deonarine Northern Wholesale Market – 645-9073

Orange Valley Fish Market – 467-7423

Piarco Packinghouse – 669-7092

Port of Spain Fish Market – 627-7656

Southern Wholesale Market, Debe – 647-3218

Valencia Farmers Retail Facility – 667-9594

Woodford Lodge Retail and Wholesale Market – 610-6527


Nirmalla Debysingh Persad

Nirmalla Debysingh Persad

Chief Executive Officer