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NCB Merchant Bank Trinidad and Tobago Limited

NCB Merchant Bank (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited

Banking, Investment and Financial Services

NCB Merchant Bank (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited (NCBMBTT) is a Trinidad & Tobago-based non-bank Financial Institution, Broker-Dealer and a member of the Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange. NCBMBTT is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago and the Trinidad & Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission.

In December 2013, NCBMBTT was acquired by NCB Capital Markets Limited; the Jamaican-based Asset & Wealth Management and Investment Banking subsidiary of the NCB Financial Group (NCBFG), the oldest and largest financial group in Jamaica. NCBFG is cross-listed on the Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica Stock Exchanges and has an asset base in excess of USD 12 Billion and a capital base of circa USD 1 Billion. NCBFG owns 100% of National Commercial Bank Jamaica Ltd; Jamaica’s largest and most profitable financial institution. It is also the single largest shareholder  of Guardian Holdings Ltd, the Caribbean’s largest insurance conglomerate and owns a 50.1% majority stake in Clarien Group Ltd, owner of Bermuda’s 3rd largest commercial bank, Clarien Bank Ltd.


NCBMBTT is authorized to conduct the following classes of business:

  • Loans and Leases (including vehicle and specialized equipment financing and commercial mortgages)
  • Licensed FX Dealer (NCBMBTT is one of thirteen licensed FX dealers in Trinidad & Tobago. Business is done in most major currencies including US Dollars, Japanese Yen, Great Britain Pounds, Euros and Canadian Dollars)
  • Insurance Premium Financing
  • Structured Trade Financing (including receivables factoring & reverse factoring)
  • Fixed Deposits (NCBMBTT offers Fixed Deposits in both TTD and USD and is a member of the Deposit Insurance Corporation. Fixed Deposits are offered for terms of one to five years and for less than one year for similarly licensed institutions and insurance companies)
  • Repurchase Agreements (NCBMBTT offers repos in both TTD and USD)
  • Stock Broking
  • Private Wealth Management
  • Investment Banking


  • Debt Capital Markets (including arranging and underwriting fixed income asset issuances)
  • Equity Capital Markets (including arranging and underwriting and underwriting Initial & Additional Public Offerings)
  • Arranging and underwriting Assets of the Alternative Investments Class (including mezzanine facilities and subordinated debt structures, preference shares, sale & lease back and BOLT structures)
  • Bond and short term government securities trading (NCBMBTT is a 2nd Tier Primary Dealer for Open Market Operations)
  • Syndicated loans
  • Project financing
Marli Creese - Head - Corporate and Investment Banking, NCB

Marli Creese

Chief Executive Officer (Ag.)

Arlene Joyeau-Flores - Chief Operating Officer, NCB

Arlene Joyeau-Flores

Chief Operating Officer

Ishan Gosine - Head Sales, Trading & Investments, NCB

Ishan Gosine

Head Sales, Trading and Investments

Ancil Ramcharan - Finance Manager, NCB

Ancil Ramcharan

Head of Finance

Jonathan Chan - Head - Treasury & Forex, NCB

Jonathan Chan

Head of Treasury and Foreign Exchange

Julie Sookram - Head - Retail and Business Banking, NCB

Julie Sookram

Head of Retail and Business Banking

Kershell Huggins, Senior Associate Corporate & Investment Banking , NCBTT

Kershell Huggins

Senior Associate Corporate & Investment Banking

Sacha Kim, Business Banker, NCBTT

Sacha Kim

Business Banker

Nirvana Dukharan - Snr. Associate – Syndication, NCB

Nirvana Dukharan

Senior Associate Syndication

Georgina Zakour - Trader, NCB

Georgina Zakour


Damien Gill, Senior Associate Corporate & Investment Banking, NCBTT

Damien Gill

Senior Associate Corporate & Investment Banking

Kendall Hypolite - Operations Manager, NCB

Kendall Hypolite

Operations Manager

Nicolyn Grey - Underwriting Manager, NCB

Nicolyn Grey

Underwriting Manager

Ethan Husein - Client Services Officer, NCB

Ethan Husein

Client Services Officer

Angus P. Young - Chief Executive Officer, NCB

Angus P. Young