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Offshore Innovators is a marine subsea operator in the Caribbean, established in 2015 by a dynamic group of passionate subsea professionals. Our primary function is the supply of skilled and qualified personnel for the oil and gas industry, subsea operations, client representation and vessel crewing for maritime assets within the Caribbean region and the Americas. The ethos of our company is:

“To provide innovative personnel, products and services to the offshore industry. We deliver competence and performance with integrity, while always respecting people and the environment.”

We strive to conduct transparent operations by employing international best practices and standards, which allows us to deliver the best service to our clients.

Offshore Innovators acknowledges our most valued resources of a country are the environment and its human power. We have incorporated social responsibility into our business model to ensure that our practices are environmental friendly and we continue to develop and employ skilled personnel from the communities we operate in.

We believe in bettering our communities and the lives of its people is necessary for the development of our country. Education is a direct route to improve lives; Offshore Innovators has initiated a training and mentoring programme in ROV Systems and operations in the communities of North West and South East Trinidad. Our goal is to invest in the talent of the community by providing the skill sets necessary to access subsea jobs. As a result the community more is marketable to employers in the Subsea industry.

Dylan Galt

Dylan Galt

Managing Director (Trinidad)

Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis

Finance Director

Congratulate to Aaron Hardowar

Offshore Innovators would like to Congratulate our very own Aaron Hardowar, Guyanese ROV Pilot / Technician for receiving his MTCS PT1 certification in accordance with IMCA Guidelines. Aaron, a University of Guyana alumni, holds a Masters in Ocean Engineering. He started his offshore career in 2019 on the…

April 14th, 2021

Chaguaramas – A Deepwater Hub

Chaguaramas – A Deepwater Hub Chaguaramas, which was named by its original Amerindian Inhabitants, describes the Palmiste Palm which lined its shores in their native language.  The 14,000 plus acre peninsular and archipelago, which projects westward from Trinidad’s mainland towards Venezuela, acts as the gateway…

September 3rd, 2019