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The Paramount Transport and Trading Company Limited

Construction, Engineering and Transportation

The Paramount Transport and Trading Company Limited is a strategically focused, future-driven and dynamic organization that is consciously guided by its Vision, Mission and Core Values.

Mission Statement

To be the region’s leading source for all heavy equipment and related services by providing safe, reliable and innovative solutions, while maintaining an ethical approach to the wellbeing of our employees, clients and the general public who are of Paramount importance.


Our strategy is linked to the idea that the best elements make the best products. We combine the finest employees with rigorously serviced state-of-the-art equipment and the highest safety standards. The amalgam of these ingredients has brought Paramount the top of the industry while ensuring that we remain the best full-service provider in the region for engineered heavy-lifting, large-scale construction and multi-modal transport.


We maintain our impeccable reputation through strict quality and safety policies formulated to protect people, equipment, cargo and client investments.

We are committed to protecting our environment from the lasting impact of heavy industry.

We provide challenging and rewarding long-term careers with growth opportunity while guarding the health and safety of our team and providing extensive medical and retirement benefits.

We utilize only the best and most innovative equipment available. Each vehicle and tool is serviced on a strict schedule designed to prevent any technical and safety problems.

Vision Statement

To deliver to our growing clientele, their needs for heavy equipment and construction services that are Paramount to world-class quality.

Core Values

Loyalty – At the heart of the growing organization is the commitment of both employees and customers alike. There is the realization of real value gained through positive relationships, which in turn define our culture that drives the organization to excellence.

Integrity – At the cornerstone of our culture, we consistently deliver on the highest ethical standards while being reliable and exceeding our customer needs. We furthermore define our operations as being focused on transparency while dealing with all stakeholders. 

Teamwork – We build effective relationships with all members of staff by harnessing a cooperative environment so that we can better service the needs of our customers. In keeping with this, all the activities of the organization are dependent on the openness of communication among all workers so as to facilitate the flow of work in a timely manner.

The Paramount team effectively maximizes employee involvement to achieve the quality of results while minimizing cost. This, in turn, creates opportunities for well-motivated team members that are focused on organizational success. We see our employees as the assets that will maintain our competitive position.

Leadership – The Paramount culture fosters the growth of leaders to drive a shared vision by seeing beyond environmental and operational boundaries.

We develop an executing style that is built on mutual respect. Paramount leaders see beyond possibilities by bringing the impossible to reality.

Obligation/ Commitment – Paramount is established around sound relationships with all stakeholders. Critical to such relationships is the need for safety, a stable/ balanced organization, environmental preservation, family preservation, community preservation and meeting the needs of our clients. In our quest, we are dedicated to a commitment of maintaining the highest quality and bringing success through excellent service and continually engendering the need to exceed the expectation of both internal and external customers.