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Patient Connect is a registered digital health company serving B2C and B2B clients across the Caribbean and Latin America. We are a Microsoft Partner.


Corporate offices are located in Trinidad & Tobago and Panama with sub-offices located around the Caribbean and Latin America.

Patient Connect connects patients to health providers such as doctors, dietitians and psychologists as well as health services such as pharmacies, labs and diagnostic services.

Among the B2B services we provide is the first-of-its-kind Virtual EAP.


Virtual Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Patient Connect Virtual EAP connects employees to health providers such as doctors, dietitians and psychologists as well as financial planners, lawyers and other support providers.

what employees get…

  • easy, affordable, safe & secure access to dozens of health providers.
  • access can be done anywhere, anytime on any device.
  • choose health, wellness, counselling, dietary advice, substance-abuse cessation, financial planning and legal among many more services.
  • get all the benefits of an in-clinic EAP without the hassle.
  • get peace of mind from the comfort of your own space, at home or at work.
  • easy payment options and insurance claims.


what employers get…

  • save your company time and money with the Virtual EAP.
  • schedule appointments easily online or via our Virtual Assistant.
  • there are no contracts or retainers so no worries for HR.
  • easy payment methods and most insurance plans accepted.
  • provide the Virtual EAP as part of employee packages.
  • get professional reporting if required.

how to use…

1) Employees can directly sign-up on Patient Connect
and book, pay and connect with providers.


2) Employers can submit employee information to our Virtual Assistant on 685-HELP or 685-4357 or [email protected] and we would manage the booking, payment and in-clinic, home or video visit.

It’s that simple!

Whatsapp: 685-HELP or 685-4357





Dr. Navi Muradali MD, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Navi Muradali MD

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)