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PEAPSL Consultancy Limited is Trinidad and Tobago’s premier consulting agency focused principally on enhancing the lives of people and organizations.



PEAPSL Consultancy Limited delivers essential consultancy services to improve people and organizational efficiencies and effectiveness through the provision of EAP, Corporate training and other human development services.



PEAPSL Consultancy Limited (PEAPSL) is an established Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) and Corporate Training provider. PEAPSL has been providing EAP counselling, response to critical incidents, corporate training, mediation, change management and other related services for over twenty years (and for one decade prior as a department within Petrotrin) through our professionally trained and certified staff. Our slogan PEAPSL CARES (Confidential, Accountable, Reliable, Ethical, Supportive) is the core of our service delivery and is in accordance with the standards set by the International Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA).

Our employees are qualified in the areas of Clinical & Medical Social Work, Clinical & Child Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Financial Counselling & Planning, Play Therapy and Marital & Family Therapy. PEAPSL has mediators who are trained in Civil, Family and Divorce matters and have resident counsellors who are Certified Employee Assistance Professionals (CEAPs).

PEAPSL offers counselling in person, via telephone or online and has extended working hours during the week and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm by appointments.

We facilitate in-company workshop requests and respond to critical incidents during the week, weekends and on public holidays.  We look forward to serving you.



Our counselling services address issues such as stress, grief, substance/s abuse, relationship/marital, intimate partner violence, financial management and much more. Our counselling services are available to individuals and organizations within Trinidad and Tobago.



We provide workshops on topics such as Conflict Management, Supervisory Management Training, Customer Service, Retirement Planning, Team Building and Financial Planning to name a few. Each year we also deliver a unique programme for Administrative professionals and support staff as part of our Administrative Professionals Workshop series.



PEAPSL’s staff responds promptly to all traumatic accidents or incidents that affect individuals, employees and the entire organizations and help them return to a state of normalcy in the shortest possible time.



PEAPSL has decades of experience in planning and executing organizational change management initiatives. PEAPSL identifies and treats with resistance to change by employees, empowers ‘Change agents’ to manage themselves and others and also motivates employees who remain with the organization after the change initiative. PEAPSL also provides on-site standby services in the event of termination.



PEAPSL provides detailed assessments of adults’ psychological functioning in order to determine their suitability for a particular job or to carry a firearm. A report will also be provided detailing the findings of the assessment.



PEAPSL will provide a detailed assessment of a child’s psychological and academic skills. A report will also be provided detailing the findings of the assessment.

Meet the PEAPSL Team

Neil Parsanlal

Neil Parsanlal

Chief Executive Officer [email protected] (868) 720-4196

Bernadette Cyrus EAP Counsellor

Bernadette Cyrus

EAP Counsellor

Cheryl Clarke

Cheryl Clarke

EAP Counsellor

Damali Jeremiah

Damali Jeremiah

EAP Counsellor