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Professional Services, Public and Private Sector Organizations
  • c/o Solus Buisness Centre, 29 Long Circular Road, St. James, Trinidad, West Indies
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We are the institution in charge of promoting the exportation of Costa Rican goods and services throughout the world. Additionally, we simplify and facilitate the exportation procedures, we generate exportation chains, we register exportation statistics of goods, and we perform market studies.


PROCOMER was created in 1996 through the Law of the Republic number 7638.

In accordance with our founding law, we are responsible for:

  • Designing and coordinating programs related to exports.
  • Technical and financing support for the Ministry of Foreign Commerce (COMEX), to administer the special exportation regimes.
  • Promoting and protecting the country’s commercial interests abroad.
  • Centralizing and streamlining the importation and exportation processes.
  • Following foreign commerce statistics.

We facilitate and promote commerce abroad and investment.

To be the strategic benchmark for the private business sector in terms of foreign commerce and investment, in order to promote the development of the country.

Corporate Values

  • Ethics.
  • Responsibility.
  • Efficiency.
  • Commitment.
  • Teamwork.
  • Proactivity

Institutional Empowerment

Seeks to maintain excellence and improve the service and support processes for the foreign trade sector. This empowerment is based on different goals, among others, innovation encouragement, service integrated management, alliances with other entities and in general: continuous improvement.

Foreign Trade Promotion

Focuses its efforts on the internalization of more small and medium-sized enterprises, to increase PROCOMER’s coverage both internationally as well as outside the Great Metropolitan Area, to encourage strategical sectors and to strengthen EX/IM banking.

Fostering the Country’s Competitiveness

This improvement in competitiveness is expected, among other things, to promote a Country Brand established both on a national and international level, to propitiate procedure simplification and business climate improvement, to boost diversification, sustainability and innovation, and contribute to the human talent development at national level.

To be the strategic benchmark in internationalization processes for current and potential exporters.
To increase the offering of exports through diversification and to increase added value.
To enrich and diversify the productive chains.
To facilitate the procedures for foreign commerce.
To increase the operational efficiency of the institution.
To launch and position the Country Brand.
To promote the development of exports outside of the enlarged Greater Metropolitan Area.