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Energy and Energy-Related Industries

We are licensed solar engineers and consultants with over 100 Megawatts of experience in T&T and the USA!

Our certified professional engineers have one goal: Provide solutions to make Trinidad and Tobago net zero and energy resilient in the next ten years!

Our plan is to create a more sustainable and energy resilient future for T&T through the application of advanced engineering designs and adherence to engineering codes and quality standards. T&T without RESSCOTT LTD is unimaginable; we know what value we bring to current and future generations which motivates us to continue to push forward, innovate, engineer solutions that will continue to create a world where you can breathe easier!

Collectively, our engineers have close to a century of experience and have worked worldwide flying the Trinidad flag high:

• Commercial, Oil & Gas, and Residential Solar Systems.
• Micro-grids and Megawatt scale solar farms.
• Solar powered lighting and car park construction (60 projects to date).
• Carbon Accounting, Energy Auditing & Management.
• Research & Feasibility Studies.
• Solar Panel Sales.
• Battery Electric Vehicles (EV) & EV Chargers.
• Solar Carports.
• Engineering approvals (Registered Professional Engineers).
• Sales of Explosion Proof LED lighting.
• Explosion proof solar panels and components.
• Project Management & Consulting.
• LED Lighting sales, LED projects & LED retrofitting.
• Solar Powered Highway Lighting.
• Training.


Helping to ‘Vaccinate’ the Climate Change Pandemic through the strategic application of renewable energy and transition engineering

Our Competitive Advantage:
• Engineering based
• Zero-failure system operation. Designs that ensure continuous power!
• Attractive Returns. ROI within 7 years! A design available at RESSCOTT LTD only!
• 30+ year net zero expense on your solar system (manufacturing / commercial / oil and gas clients
• 3-phase power to match your facility operation.
• Turn-key services (one-stop shop for everything solar!)
• Experienced company (100 Megawatts of experience)



RESSCOTT Limited Team

Mr. Chris Gray (BSc.), Photovoltaic Consultant, RESSCOTT

Mr. Chris Gray (BSc.)

Photovoltaic Consultant

Mr. Graeme Jones (P.E., MSc, MBA, CEM, PMP, LEED AP, CAP), Managing Director RESSCOTT Ltd.

Mr. Graeme Jones (P.E., MSc, MBA, CEM, PMP, LEED AP, CAP)

Managing Director

Mr. Jeff Hires (P.E., BSc., LEED AP), Photovoltaic Consultant, RESSCOTT Ltd.

Mr. Jeff Hires (P.E., BSc., LEED AP)

Photovoltaic Consultant

Shamir Khan - Operating Director

Mr. Shamir Khan (BSc. Eng.)

Operating Director

Mrs. Nicole Daniel (BSc., PMP, Six Sigma Professional), Quality Manager, RESSCOTT Ltd.

Mrs. Nicole Daniel (BSc., PMP, Six Sigma Professional)

Quality Manager

Mr. Riyadh Mohammed (MSc., MBA, BSc., PHD Candidate), Agri-Business Director, RESSCOTT Ltd.

Mr. Riyadh Mohammed (MSc., MBA, BSc., PHD Candidate)

Agri-Business Director

Mrs. Celeste Ramoutar (MSc., BSc.), Operations Manager, RESSCOTT Ltd.

Mrs. Celeste Ramoutar (MSc., BSc.)

Operations Manager

Mr. Shane Ragbir (BSc, Six Sigma Professional, PMP), Research and Engineering Manager, RESSCOTT Ltd.

Mr. Shane Ragbir (BSc, Six Sigma Professional, PMP)

Research and Engineering Manager

Ms. Reneé Regis (BSc.,MSc.), HSSEQ Specialist, RESSCOTT Ltd.

Ms. Reneé Regis (BSc.,MSc.)

HSSEQ Specialist