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Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited

Energy and Energy-Related Industries

Background of Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited

By way of introduction, having seen the various industries operating in Trinidad and Tobago over many years, the advent of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2004 as amended 2007, the lobbying from every sector for a common approach towards health and safety training and the lack of such health and safety training in the sectors. An international provider had to be sourced with the prerequisite competencies to fill the gap.

Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) Limited UK provided an already existing industry recognized system of health and Safety training for its UK Industries and South Africa Industries. Therefore an alliance was formed and the creation of Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited was introduced following extensive consultations to provide every employers and employees at various levels and in various fields the needed training.

We at Safe Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited, have taken a further step beyond Training by the ever increasing performance of standards, goods and services worldwide and locally by diversifying the resource need to include other portfolios as a one-stop shop to provide Consultancy and Documentation, Advice, Personnel, Equipment and Services as a total or individual package to meet the demands of the industry

Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited is the only established service provider that targets the needs for specialise services in each industry by means of partnering with both local and international bodies that encompasses legal requirements, best industry standards and practices.

SPATT Limited is the company that delivers a broad range of products and services to the Energy and Non-Energy Sector: Oil and Gas, Petro-Chemicals, Ports and Marine, Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture & Service Industry.

SPATT Limited in its delivery will meet local and/or international legal requirements, best industry standards and practices.

The cost effective programme drives good practice throughout the sectors, employers and employees, self employed and the contractor supply chain thus increasing safety awareness and contributing to higher standards of safety, health and environment performance.

Benefits of Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited

  • An alliance with renowned international Goods and Service Providers  that have developed tried and tested industry goods and services
  • An alliance with a renowned international Training Provider that has developed tried and tested industry health and safety training packages for every sector in the United Kingdom
  • Developed by the United Kingdom (UK) through years of experience thus giving Trinidad and Tobago the edge to avoid the loss of logistical resources through the creation of best practices in the various industries
  • The ability for Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited to be an agent of change for a higher standard of Training in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean
  • An Internationally recognised standard of health and safety training assurance
  • To allow the creation of a common harmonized approach to the industries
  • To provide specific approaches to the various industries.
  • Lessons learnt from SPA UK to help reduce pitfalls in the local and Regional industries
  • An already known standard within the various sectors when recruiting staff
  • Training can be carried out in-house or by an SPA accredited training company
  • Exemptions are given to other training where agreed by the sector
  • Increased safety awareness contributing to higher standards of safety performance
  • Common recognised and validated standard
  • Validation accepted in other sectors
  • Shorter site specific induction
  • Quicker site mobilisation
  • Overall cost reduction to Client and Contractor
  • Updated information on legislation, cases and standards
  • Diversifying the base beyond training to provide consultancy, advice, equipment, personnel and services to all sectors.

Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited aims to work with employers, employees, contractors, employer associations, trade unions, stakeholders and other relevant bodies to provide sound consultancy and advice, suitable personnel and equipment and design and develop training programmes tailored to suit each sector.