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The centrality and criticality of the Maritime Industry to supporting world trade and economic activity was made all the more stark with the onslaught of the pandemic brought on by COVID-19.

Nonetheless, the pandemic has exposed the fragility of the global supply chain, and what shipping will look like post-COVID-19 remains unclear. What we do know is that the pandemic has accelerated the uptake of technologies and the trend towards increased levels of automation. Connectivity and Communication have never been as valuable as they are now.

It is also widely acknowledged that collaboration coordination, and solidarity – at the local, regional, and international levels – will be essential to overcoming the crisis.

The SATT urges that the business community capitalize on this newfound impetus to improve our trading infrastructure, which we anticipate will become even more virtual to our economic recovery; since our economy is so reliant on imports, and given the vulnerability of our export base. We stand ready to employ the very same disciplined focus and urgent action that we are calling for.

The new Executive Council – 2023-2024

Shipping Association of Trinidad and Tobago Elects a New Executive Council

Shipping Association of Trinidad and Tobago Elects a New Executive Council

On March 24, 2023, the Shipping Association of Trinidad and Tobago held its 85th Annual General Meeting, at which a new Executive Council was elected. The new Executive Council for the term 2023-2024 is listed below. Congratulations to the following new appointees: Executive Council 2023-2024:…

April 12th, 2023

Group C Membership Engagement 2021- Tour of BCSL Control Base

Shipping Association of Trinidad and Tobago In light of the ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the SATT's Group C decided that it was necessary to hold an event to not only bring the membership together after the extended absence of in-person interactions but…

October 15th, 2021