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Education and Training

SITAL College is a higher education provider dedicated to improving the career prospects and lives of our students. We aim to help our graduates stand out in the workplace as they navigate and lead in today’s challenging business and professional environments.

We offer from Foundation Courses to Bachelors and Masters Degrees, as well as professional development and corporate training programmes that can be tailored to suit specific needs and budgets. Our Diplomas, Bachelors and MBAs are certified by highly respected UK universities and awarding bodies, making these qualifications globally transportable and globally relevant.

Our Executive Director, Ann-Marina White, an educator for close to 30 years would like to share this:

“We are committed to providing students with career pathways and professional development opportunities by offering a curriculum that meets the needs across industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, health, security, finance, tourism, education, retail and the services sector.

Our institutional strength lies in our student support. I am proud of the commitment of all staff – a team of passionate and capable people who go all out to guide and help every one of our students, the majority of whom are engaged in full-time employment. It is their combined strength, coupled with their institutional knowledge that has given our College its reputation of a quality education provider.

We stand out because we have high service standards and because we promote integrity and good business practice to students at all levels. The sharing of such a value system is important to us, as we want to deliver competent and capable professionals to build strong, effective businesses. A formal qualification is just one part of the professional’s arsenal—the rest comes from their attributes, values and motivation.

We make education affordable, accessible and convenient, and provide seamless progression routes for people at varying levels in their careers. I invite interested persons to talk to us, and see whether we have a course of studies that will work for you.”

Ann Marina White – Sital College

Ann-Marina White

Executive Director

Marcia Murphy – Sital College

Marcia Murphy

Krystal Singh – Sital College

Krystal Singh

Kelly-Ann Torres – Sital College

Kelly-Ann Torres

Aliah Ramjattan – Sital College

Aliah Ramjattan

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Felicia Melville