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Founded in the 1970s, the Sookhai Group of Companies was developed on its strength of service, repair andmaintenance of several makes of internal combustion engines with key equipment manufacturers. This strength is underlined by successful history working with our clients.

From humble beginnings in Chaguanas, Trinidad, Sookhai’s Diesel Service Ltd has grown to becoming a key stakeholder in the Energy Sector providing quality service to all our valued customers.

We are a top diesel service provider in the country specialising in service, repair and testing of pumps and injectors. We are also the first listed private inspection station providing inspection certification for private vehicles and motorcycles.
As of 2018, we have also been approved to conduct inspections on “T” registered vehicles that are 3200kg and under, under new Governmental regulations.

Upon Caroni 1975’s implementation of mechanised harvesters to enhance their reaping of sugar cane, SDS was hired as the exclusive service provider of the machinery until the company’s closure in 2003.

In 1980, SDS acquired the Trinidad and Tobago Service Agency for Bosch automotive products from Bosch Germany. In 2005, the company was authorised as a Bosch Diesel Centre and maintains the world class standard set as a reputable brand in automotive innovation and sales.

To date, SDS remains the only certified Bosch Diesel Centre in Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados.

Sale of all vehicle items by SDS, are under the Bosch brand.

SDS strives to keep up to date with technology related to the specialist area of fuel injection servicing, repairs, calibration and certification to meet OEM design requirements. SDS in 2013 established its own fullycomputerised Fuel Injection Service Centre to serve all clients with diesel fuel injection machinery/equipment.

In 2009, SDS was introduced to REPSOL T&T operation. To date, under our sister company Sookhai’s Engineering and Rental Services Ltd (SERSL) banner, we have continued to provide REPSOL now PERENCO, with workshop, major overhaul and parts supply services, in addition to specialised technicians to do corrective work on TSP platforms.

SERSL is the company responsible for all offshore operations and maintenance and equipment rental.

Combining traditional values and modern technology, both SDS and SERSL offer a unique service, branded by our experience.

The services offered are vast and are provided to State owned companies and private citizens. At SDS, we treat customers like family.

Our Mission Statement:

To be the best service provider through innovation, competitive and dedicated service, not compromising on quality.

Our Vision:

To create a positive impact using practical solutions