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Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT)

Information and Communications Technology
  • #5 Eighth Avenue Extension, off Twelfth Street, Barataria, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
  • (868) 675-8288; (868) 221-8288; (868) 222-8288; (868) 674-1055
  • [email protected]
  • https://tatt.org.tt/

About TATT

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) was established in July 2004 by the enactment of the Telecommunications Act 2001 Amended by 17 of 2004 as the independent regulatory body responsible for the transformation of the telecommunications sector from a virtual monopoly to a competitive environment.

TATT is responsible not only for the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector, but also for regulating both telecommunications and broadcasting sectors, managing spectrum and number resources, establishing equipment and service quality standards, setting guidelines to prevent anti-competitive practices and encouraging investment in order to facilitate the availability of affordable telecommunications and broadcasting services to all.

TATT is run by a Board of Directors consisting of a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman and nine other members as appointed by the President. The Board oversees the activities of TATT and appoints a Chief Executive Officer who manages the affairs of TATT subject to the directions of the Board.


A leading ICT regulator, enabling an empowered and connected society.


Developing a dynamic, progressive ICT environment, through efficient service delivery, to foster quality, affordable services; together with innovative and sustainable businesses in the emerging digital economy.

Board Members

Gilbert Peterson, S.C. (Chairman), TATT

Gilbert Peterson, S.C.


Dr. Kim Mallalieu (Deputy Chairman), TATT

Dr. Kim Mallalieu

Deputy Chairman

Nikolaiski Ali, TATT

Nikolaiski Ali


Keyun Boatswain, TATT

Keyun Boatswain


Nigel Cassimire, TATT

Nigel Cassimire


Rhondall Feeles, TATT

Rhondall Feeles


Fatima Aziz-Mohammed, TATT

Fatima Aziz-Mohammed


Devon Seale, TATT

Devon Seale


Kalana Prince-Wilson, TATT

Kalana Prince- Wilson


Executive Team

Cynthia Reddock-Downes, CEO, TATT

Cynthia Reddock Downes

Chief Executive Officer

Kirk Sookram, Deputy CEO, TATT

Kirk Sookram

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Karel Douglas, Executive Officer, Legal & Enforcement, TATT

Karel Douglas

Executive Officer, Legal & Enforcement

Kevin Gaulteau, Executive Officer, Finance & Accounting, TATT

Kevin Gaulteau

Executive Officer, Finance & Accounting

Annie Baldeo, Executive Officer, Policy Planning & Economics, TATT

Annie Baldeo

Executive Officer, Policy Planning & Economics

Kurleigh Prescod, Executive Officer, Technology & Engineering, TATT

Kurleigh Prescod

Executive Officer, Technology & Engineering

Sherry McMillan, Executive Officer, Corporate Communications, TATT

Sherry McMillan

Executive Officer, Corporate Communications