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YTEPP Celebrates 35 Years – a Legacy of Producing a
Transformative and Agile Society

Celebrating 35 years as a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) provider, is an attestation of YTEPP’s legacy of creating access to education that transcends industries, leads to viable wage and self-employment, and fosters entrepreneurship.   Over the years, YTEPP Limited has mastered the art of successfully aligning technical, vocational and life skills to Sustainable Development on a national and global level thus evolving into the TVET institute of choice, transforming vision into value.

Diversifying to meet the demands of industry through programmes that promote continuous learning, via the administration of relevant technical and soft skills, mentorship, equity and healthy competitions, is personified by the thousands of trainees and graduates that are now impacting the economy.  Moreover, the upskilling of both beneficiaries and training providers of the institute to produce a transformative and agile society, is one of YTEPP’s centric means of ensuring longevity.  Collaborations with local and international Ministries in addition to private entities, also enable YTEPP to continually empower people, especially at-risk groups, by way of digital literacy and other innovative programmes that assure productivity.

As YTEPP celebrates this milestone of achieving its 35th Anniversary, ingrained in the festivities, is the honouring of its human capital.  The theme “Our People, Our product” was coined by the Board of Directors to emphasise the importance of its beneficiaries and employees on all levels within the organisation, as the main driving force behind its success.  Appreciation is being extended to its many invaluable internal and external stakeholders for the 35 years of trust, support and continued commitment that propelled toward organisational excellence.  Cheers to another 35 years!

Members of the Board of Directors

Thora Best, H.B.M.


Jesse Moss

Deputy Chairman

Carolyn Gopaul

Yvonne Norville

Anthony Battoo

Dr. Joanne Spence

Cecile Beckles

Nisha Nedd

Eric Taylor

Peter Fraser

Alan Nobie

Sharda Satram

Executive Management

Nigel Parris

Chief Executive Officer

Jermone Grant

Director, Finance & IT

Dr. Shara Zoe, YTEPP

Dr. Shara Zoe

Director of Operations

Montgomery Guy

Director, Entrepreneurial Development and Support Services