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Refining Skills for the New Hybrid Work Environment

“I made the hard choice to master my skill studying Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, instead of pursuing medicine, in order to build a business and not disappoint the half of a million unique visitors who depend on their digital business”. It is testimonials such as this from Arthur Goddard, YTEPP’s Entrepreneurship graduate, which bears evidence to quality training with real results at YTEPP Limited. As a training organization, we aim to develop our human capital to a point whereby our citizens are resilient, multi-skilled and agile, thus being able to adapt to the changing requirements of our national economy. So, we have aligned our programmes and partnerships in such a way, that our training is relevant and meaningful.

YTEPP, in cognizance of a new environment, has prioritized its focus on technology enabled learning, soft skills, entrepreneurship and has moved to redefine vocational skills training, to meet what can now be described as ‘The New Hybrid Work Environment” so that our youth and retrenched citizens are not left behind. This new environment opened opportunities for YTEPP to partner with Grow with Google, Coursera and Udemy thus allowing us to broaden our offerings on the backdrop of internationally recognized institutions of learning.

Our vision as a premiere Technical and Vocational, Education and Training organization, is to transform lives to develop highly skilled individuals in support of national development. We have positioned ourselves as the corner stone that contributes to human capital expansion that ultimately increases the country’s competitiveness and by extension, our economy. Opportunities at YTEPP Limited await our youth between 15 and 35 years, as well as retrenched and displaced workers between 25 and 60 years. It was Malcolm X who said that ‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it, today”.

Members of the Board of Directors

Thora Best, H.B.M.


Jesse Moss

Deputy Chairman

Carolyn Gopaul

Yvonne Norville

Anthony Battoo

Dr. Joanne Spence

Cecile Beckles

Nisha Nedd

Eric Taylor

Peter Fraser

Melissa Pulchan

Melissa Pulchan

Alan Nobie

Montgomery Guy

Sharda Satram

Executive Management

Nigel Parris

Chief Executive Officer

Josann Moses

Josann Moses

Director, Youth Training Development

Jermone Grant

Director, Finance & IT

Christo Cave

Christo Cave

Director, Entrepreneurial Development & Support Services

Dona Scoon-Moses

Donna Scoon-Moses

Director, Retraining Department

YTEPP donates cloth face masks to NGOs

YTEPP DONATES 2,500 CLOTH FACE MASKS TO NGOs As part of national efforts, YTEPP Limited has joined the fight against COVID-19. In an attempt to minimize risk and flatten the curve, YTEPP has embarked on the production of 2,500 cloth face masks for distribution to…

May 26th, 2020