Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation Limited (TTPOST)

Travel, Ports, Shipping and Courier Services

Our Vision
‘To be a world leader in the provision of postal and consumer services, while achieving economic viability and sustainability’.

Our Mission
‘To provide innovative, competitive, quality postal services and solutions for business and consumers. We do this through knowledgeable, customer-focused employees and effective systems’.

Customer Care Commitment
The Customer Care Policy of the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPost) demonstrates our commitment to deliver quality service to you.

Your comments and observations are always welcome and we strongly encourage you to tell us what we can do to improve our service.

If you, for any reason, think that we have not kept our promise of good service, we want to know about it via any of the following channels:

Call our Customer Care toll free help line at 800 POST (7678) or fax 669-7432 – Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Complete one of our Customer Comment Cards conveniently available at Corporate Shops nationwide, otherwise;

Visit our website at and email us at [email protected]

Your comments will help us to improve our standards and service to you.

TTPost thanks you for your continued support!