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Tropical Express Couriers was founded in 1998 as a SkyBox service provider offering customers in Trinidad an inexpensive way to transport packages from Miami to Trinidad. Customers can now shop online with ease. Our cargo partners together with our company have over 30 years’ experience in the courier business. By owning our own warehouse in Miami, allows us a great advantages of faster processing times, greater control and accountability. With our experience and commitment, we work to consistently provide an exceptional service experience. We at Tropical Express strive for our service to excel in Affordability, Reliability, Timeliness and Simplicity.

We have maintained one of the lowest rates in the industry guaranteed for over ten years with extended value offered. We have an extended service mix where we offer our customers not only a SkyBox service but a SeaBox (Ocean Courier) service, where customers can bring in heavier items for much cheaper. On our website you can track and pre-alert your packages at your convenience. We also offer a pick-up and drop-off service at our Miami warehouse.

When you become a valued member of ours you can participate in our Referral Program. Any registered member that successfully influences another to also become a member the referer will receive a TT$100.00 credit that can be utilized against any future bill.

Tropical Express is continuously growing, serving customers from six convenient locations strategically located around Trinidad, at Arouca, Port-of-Spain, San Fernando, Curepe, Sangre Grande and Chaguanas. We also have an affiliate in Tobago. With on-line shopping continuously growing, we are always looking to expand and improve our services and performance to better serve our current and future customers.

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We at Tropical Express Couriers strive to make the world more accessible to the people of Trinidad. Through our processes and partners, we excel to achieve prompt, timely and seamless service at the lowest competitive rate; providing convenience continuously. Through our employees we work hard to make sure our customers are delighted with a level of service that exceeds our customers’ expectations, all by upholding sound business practices and ethics.



To be the recognized and respected leading courier service company in Trinidad, creating value by offering timely, reliable, fair, service excellence at the lowest price guaranteed to our valuable clients.


Our Services

SkyBox Service:

Customers signing up are given a US address with a customer identification number (T-box #) to which they can post all their online purchases and packages to. Once the package is received at our sorting facility in Miami they are diligently air freighted to Trinidad, cleared through customs and brought to the customers’ nominated distribution center for collection. Making sure to pre-alert your package on our website would result in faster processing times and more accurate Customs charges.

SeaBox Service:

Our Seabox service was created to enable customers with a better and cheaper alternative to sending heavier packages via AIR. Seabox is NOT shipped by ocean it is shipped by air at a sea rate. As with the air service the package is received at our sorting facility in Miami, are sorted, processed and sent via air courier. The cargo is then cleared through customs at the courier bond and brought to the customers nominated distribution center for collection or delivery could be arranged. This whole process takes about 1-2 weeks. Remember to pre-alert!

A minimum of 15 lbs. (actual or volumetric whichever is greater) per tracking number or WR (Warehouse Receipt) would qualify for SeaBox. SeaBox also has a different address so please be sure to use the appropriate address when shipping.

Our Convenient Locations:

  • Arouca (Head Office):
    • #51 Eastern Main Road, Arouca
  • Port-of-Spain:
    • #20 Luis Street, Woodbrook, Port-of-Spain
  • San Fernando:
    • 16 Naparima Mayaro Road, Cocoyea Village,
      San Fernando
  • Curepe:
    • #97 Southern Main Road, Curepe
  • Chaguanas:
    • Corner Xavier St. and 2nd Avenue, Chaguanas
  • Sangre Grande:
    • 408 Easter Main Road, Guaico, Sangre Grande
  • Tobago (Affiliate):
    • Cor. Leah Tr. Storebay Local Rd., Bon Accord, Tobago