Construction and Safety

August 10th, 2022    |   Related To: Ben Lomond Industrial & Safety Solutions Ltd. (BLISS Ltd.)


Internationally, the construction industry has its own regulations to ensure structures uphold building codes and more importantly, the safety of all personnel on site at every level of the construction and building process. It protects those on constructions sites, reduce or eliminate unwanted medical and penalty costs and create a more efficient work ethic.

At BLISS Safety Store, we carefully research each industry we serve and communicate with those responsible within each relevant field. This includes PPE manufacturers along with regulation bodies to ensure the products we provide commit to or exceed industry requirements.

For the building and construction industry, we carry the full spectrum of Personal Protective Equipment to ensure all safety requirements are fulfilled. Our head-to-toe PPE line, whilst ranging in style, price and task specific variations are sourced from manufacturers who are ISO 9001:2015 certified and utilize strict regulation and quality control assessments. We are confident in the brands we offer, and our knowledgeable staff can easily provide consultation per the relevant PPE and standards required for any construction project.

Who is BLISS LTD or BLISS Safety Store
B.L.I.S.S LTD (Ben Lomond Industrial and Safety Solutions Limited) is a supplier of Personal Protective Equipment since 2012. We distribute head-to-toe safety solutions ensuring customers are in full compliance with federal regulations and help prevent debilitating injuries and hazards at job sites, workplace and around the home. We service various industries, such as, but not limited to: Oil & Gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Welding, Automotive, Agriculture and Marine. To ensure compliance with our industrial clientele, we became STOW certified in February 2021 and successfully re-certified in May 2022 for 2 years. We are also affiliated or members of local and international bodies that add value to our business and our customers.

Enriched with Ten (10) Years plus of experience and active development, our company seeks to continue educating our staff, create relevant policies, ensure our customers make the safest purchase decisions and expand our facilities to further improve the shopping experience we offer.

With Four locations, online presence, 90,000 sq. ft warehousing facility and adapting to ongoing methods of engaging our market, you can be rest assured of our dedication to serving our customers ensuring their safety at the job or at home.

Visit any of our outlets today and ensure you are properly protected on your next or current construction project with PPE gear you can trust.